Tiina Seppälä holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Lapland. Her PhD thesis (2010) dealt with the anti-war movement and theories of global resistance. She is interested in activism, social movements, development, forced migration, displacement, postcolonial and feminist theory, ethnography and engaged scholarship. Recently, she has focused on feminization of resistance, decolonial feminist solidarity, and arts-based research methods. She has engaged with slum activists...


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • University of Lapland

    University, Rovaniemi, Finland
    University researcher


Rethinking knowledge, power, agency: learning from displaced and slum communities in Bangladesh

Authors Afroja Khanam, Tiina Seppälä
Year 2020
Book Title Ethics and Politics of Space for the Anthropocene
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1 Book Chapter

IN-BETWEEN SPACE/TIME: Affective Exceptionality during the 'Refugee Crisis' in Northern Finland

Authors Tiina Seppala, Tapio Nykanen, Saara Koikkalainen, ...
Year 2020
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2 Journal Article

In-Between Space/Time: Affective Exceptionality during the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in Northern Finland

Authors Saara Koikkalainen, Tiina Seppälä, Tapio Nykänen, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Nordic Journal of Migration Research
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3 Journal Article

Special Issue: Gender, Development and Resistance in South Asia

Authors Tiina Seppälä
Year 2016
Journal Name Refugee Watch: A South Asian Journal on Forced Migration
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4 Journal Article

Feminizing Resistance, Decolonizing Solidarity: Contesting Neoliberal Development in the Global South

Authors Tiina Seppälä
Year 2016
Journal Name Journal of Resistance Studies
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5 Journal Article

Biopolitics, Resistance and the Neoliberal Development Paradigm

Authors Tiina Seppälä
Year 2014
Journal Name Journal für Entwicklungspolitik
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6 Journal Article

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