Dr. Susanne U. Schultz is as a Project Manager at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German think tank, in “Making fair migration a reality,” where she focuses on aspects of legal migration, global skills partnerships and migration cooperation with a particular view on (West) African countries. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Bielefeld University on (forced) return migration to Mali. She has published on deportation, masculinities, EU externalization, West African migration, training and youth. From 2009...


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance


  • Bertelsmann Stiftung

    Other, Gütersloh, Germany
    Project Manager "Making fair migration a reality"

  • Bielefeld University

    University, Bielefeld, Germany
    Associated Researcher


‘It’s not easy’. Everyday suffering, hard work and courage. Navigating masculinities post deportation in Mali

Authors Susanne U. Schultz
Year 2021
Journal Name Gender, Place & Culture
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1 Journal Article

Mali: Abschiebungen als postkoloniale Praxis

Authors Almamy Sylla, Susanne U. Schultz
Year 2020
Journal Name Abschiebung global
3 Journal Article

Externalization at work: responses to migration policies from the Global South

Authors Inka Stock, Ayşen Üstübici, Susanne U. Schultz
Year 2019
Journal Name Comparative Migration Studies
4 Journal Article

Demographic futurity: How statistical assumption politics shape immigration policy rationales in Germany

Authors Susanne Schultz
Year 2019
Journal Name Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Citations (WoS) 1
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5 Journal Article

Unfulfilled Expectations for Making a Better Life: Young Malian men coping with their post deportation adventures

Authors Susanne U. Schultz
Year 2019
Journal Name Cadernos de Estudos Africanos
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6 Journal Article

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