Yvonne Riaño is an Associate Professor at the Geography Institute of the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), and chairs the Swiss National Committee of the International Geographical Union (IGU). She is also a Research Project Leader at the Swiss National Centre for Competence in Research - The Migration-Mobility Nexus, and leads the 'Transnational Mobilities' Module. Yvonne Riaño obtained a PhD in Human Geography in 1996 from the University of Ottawa (Canada), and has since taught at Canadian,...


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance


  • Université de Neuchâtel

    Other, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    Associate Professor

  • University of Bern

    University, Bern, Switzerland

  • University of Neuchâtel

    University, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    Senior researcher

  • Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    Other, Graz, Austria

  • University of Ottawa

    University, Ottawa, Canada
    Teaching associate

  • International Development Research Centre

    Other, Ottawa, Canada
    Urban officer for Latin America

  • Dr. Ernst A. Brugger

    Other, Zurich, Colombia
    Adviser for small-scale business development

  • State Planning Department of Bogota

    Other, Bogota, Colombia
    Urban officer


How to explain migration policy openness in times of closure? The case of international students in Switzerland

Authors Yvonne Riaño, Annique Lombard, Etienne Piguet
Year 2018
Journal Name Globalisation, Societies and Education
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
1 Journal Article

New directions in studying policies of international student mobility and migration

Authors Yvonne Riano, Christof Van Mol, Parvati Raghuram
Year 2018
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
2 Journal Article

Conceptualising space in transnational migration studies. A critical perspective

Authors Yvonne Riaño
Year 2017
Book Title Interdisziplinäre Studien zu Lateinamerika / Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America / Estudios interdisciplinarios sobre América Latina.
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
3 Book Chapter

Minga biographic workshops with highly skilled migrant women: enhancing spaces of inclusion

Authors Yvonne Riano
Year 2016
Journal Name Qualitative Research
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
4 Journal Article

Feminist participatory methodologies in geography: creating spaces of inclusion

Authors Martina Angela Caretta, Yvonne Riaño
Year 2016
Journal Name Qualitative Research
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
5 Journal Article

Shaping gender inequalities: critical moments and critical places

Authors Yvonne Riano, Katharina Limacher, André Aschwanden, ...
Year 2015
Journal Name Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
6 Journal Article

11. ‘He’s the Swiss citizen, I’m the foreign spouse’: Binational marriages and the impact of family-related migration policies on gender relations

Authors Yvonne Riaño
Year 2013
Book Title Gender, Generations and the Family in International Migration
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
7 Book Chapter

Drawing New Boundaries of Participation: Experiences and Strategies of Economic Citizenship among Skilled Migrant Women in Switzerland

Authors Yvonne Riaño
Year 2011
Journal Name Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
Citations (WoS) 15
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
8 Journal Article

Understanding the Labour Market Participation of Skilled Immigrant Women in Switzerland: The Interplay of Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

Authors Yvonne Riaño, Nadia Baghdadi
Year 2007
Journal Name Journal of International Migration and Integration
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
9 Journal Article

« Je pensais que je pourrais avoir une relation plus égalitaire avec un Européen »

Authors Yvonne Riaño, Nadia Baghdadi
Year 2007
Journal Name Nouvelles Questions Féministes
10 Journal Article

Immigration Policies, State Discourses on Foreigners, and the Politics of Identity in Switzerland

Authors Yvonne Riaño, Doris Wastl-Walter
Year 2006
Journal Name Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
Citations (WoS) 31
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
11 Journal Article

Highly Skilled Migrant and Non-Migrant Women and Men: How Do Differences in Quality of Employment Arise?

Authors Yvonne Riaño
Year 2021
Journal Name Administrative Sciences
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
13 Journal Article

Migration de femmes latino-américaines universitaires en Suisse

Authors Yvonne Riaño
Book Title La Suisse au rythme latino
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
14 Book Chapter

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