Castro Franco, Alexandra

Castro Franco

Colombian lawyer with a PhD in law from the University Paris 2, Panthéon Assas. Expert in migrations and human rights with more than 10 years experience working as professor researcher. My researches focus on the governance of migrations in the global south, the administration of migrations in Latin America, Venezuelan recent migratory flows and migrant's human rights.


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • Externado University of Colombia

    University, Bogotá, Colombia
    Professor- Researcher

  • Observatory on International Migations

    Research Institute, Bogota , Colombia
    Founder and Director

  • Diasporas

    Other, Bogota , Colombia


Regimen de extranjera en Colombia

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco
Year 2020
Book Title Dimensions of the Colombian migration
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1 Book Chapter

Procesos recientes de movilidad humana entre Venezuela y Colombia 2016-2018

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco, Gabriela Cano Salazar, Donna Cabrera Serrano
Year 2019
Book Title Crisis and migration of the Venezuelan population. Between the lack of protection and the legal security in Latin America
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2 Book Chapter

El acceso a la nacionalidad colombiana: nuevas realidades, nuevos retos

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco
Year 2019
Book Title Venezuela migrates: sensible aspects of the exodus to Colombia
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3 Book Chapter

Venezuela migra: aspectos sensibles del éxodo hacia Colombia

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco
Year 2019
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4 Book

Colombia y el derecho de asilo: el reto de aplicar los estándares interamericanos

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco
Year 2018
Book Title The constitutional State in check?
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5 Book Chapter

Libertad de circulación en la jurisprudencia interamericana en los casos contra Colombia

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco, Andrea Cortina Coronel
Year 2018
Book Title Inter American jurisprudence in the cases against Colombia
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6 Book Chapter

Potestad sancionadora y política migratoria

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco, Irit Milkes Sanchez
Year 2018
Book Title sanctioning power of the public administration: decision, expansion and construction
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7 Book Chapter

Proyectos de extracción minera y movimientos involuntarios de personas : en busca de mecanismos de regulación y proyección

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco
Year 2016
Book Title Mining and development Vol4. Mining and communities: impacts, conflicts and citizen participation
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8 Book Chapter

La gouvernance internationale des migrations: de la protection juridique à la protection des migrants

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco
Year 2015
Journal Name Oasis
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11 Journal Article

Migración y Estado en la región Andina

Authors Alexandra Castro Franco, William Herrera, Carolina Hernandez
Year 2013
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13 Book

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