Sora, Agelina


I am a political scientist, working on the field of migration during the last 16 years. I currently work at the Greek Ombudsman, at the Department of Human rights as a Senior Investigator, investigating cases and complaints concerning the protection of asylum seekers', refugees' and migrants' rights. I hold two degrees and one master and I speak Greek, English, French and Spanish. I have worked voluntarily as the coordinator of the research team of the Jean Monnet, European Centre of Excellence...
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  • Ombudsman

    Governmental Organisation, Athens, Greece
    Senior Investigator


Understanding the ‘bigger picture’: Lessons learned from participatory visual arts-based research with individuals seeking asylum in the United Kingdom

Authors Nelli Stavropoulou
Year 2019
Journal Name Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture
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1 Journal Article

Demand in the context of trafficking in human beings in the domestic work sector in Greece

Authors Danai ANGELI
Even though Greece counts as one of Europe’s four main trafficking hubs and even though migrant domestic workers have been arriving in the country since the late 70s, these two storylines somehow fail to meet. According to the official figures, trafficking of human beings (THB) for domestic work is practically non-existent in Greece; and labour trafficking in general, is just a recent phenomenon. Addressing demand for cheap and exploitable workers becomes then a theoretical question. Migrant domestic workers themselves, however, have a very different story to tell about how they entered and stayed in the country, under what terms they found their work, what the expectations are and why they cannot leave. In most cases, these are stories of false promises, long working hours, small salaries and fear of coming forward. Lifting these cases out of their invisibility and understanding what are the factors shaping the demand in the context of THB in the domestic work sector is an important necessary step to open the debate on trafficking in domestic work in Greece.
Year 2016
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EU Law and the Detainability of Asylum-Seekers

Authors Cathryn Costello, Minos Mouzourakis
Year 2016
Journal Name Refugee Survey Quarterly
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Between Camps/Between Cities: Movement, Capture and Insurrectional Migrant Lives

Authors Sam Okoth Opondo, Lorenzo Rinelli
Year 2015
Journal Name Globalizations
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The Refugee/Asylum Seeker

Year 2015
Book Title Handbook of the Economics of International Migration
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7 Book Chapter

How voluntary are voluntary returns?

Authors Frances Webber
Year 2011
Journal Name Race & Class
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