Jill Ahrens is a Scientific Project Manager and Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Department for Migration and Globalisation at the University for Continuing Education Krems, Austria. She also is a Research Associate at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research at the University of Sussex, UK. Her research focuses on international student mobilities, onward migration, transnationalism and irregular migration. In the past she has worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Gender & Diversity Hub at...
Migration Reasearch Hub ID: 7
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1183-7995
Researcher ID AAL-7537-2020
Research Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jill-Ahrens


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex

    University, Falmer, Brighton, United Kingdom
    Research Associate


    Non-governmental Organisation, Brussels, Belgium

  • Department of Migration and Globalisation, University for Continuing Education Krems

    University, Krems, Austria
    Scientific Project Manager and Post-Doctoral Researcher


Onward Migration and Transnationalism: What Are the Interconnections?

Authors Jill Ahrens, Russell King
Year 2023
Book Title Onward Migration and Multi-Sited Transnationalism: Complex Trajectories, Practices and Ties
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2 Book Chapter

Measuring Irregular Migration and Related Policies (MIRREM)

Principal investigator Albert Kraler (Scientific Coordinator), Ettore Recchi (PI European University Institute), Franck Düvell (PI University of Osnabrück), Arjen Leerkes (PI University of Maastricht), Jussi Jauhiainen (PI University of Turku), Claudia Finotelli (PI Complutense University Madrid), Marina Nikolova (PI Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy), Maurizio Ambrosini (PI University of Milan), Michele LeVoy (Director Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migration), Veronika Bilger (PI International Centre for Migration Policy Development ), Hanne Beirens (PI Migration Policy Institute Europe), Pawel Kaczmarczyk (PI University of Warsaw), Tuba Bircan (PI Vrije Universiteit Brussel ), Anna Triandafyllidou (PI Toronto Metropolitan University), Alan Desmond (PI University of Leiceister), Carlos Vargas-Silva (PI University of Oxford)
Targeted policy responses for irregular migration require better knowledge about the characteristics of the irregular migrant population and dynamics of irregular migration, as well as about the effects of policy measures. Yet, quantitative data relating to irregular migration are scarce, often outdated and contested. The inadequecy of current data makes it challenging for stakeholders to develop and monitor policies. How do legal frameworks in different countries define migrant irregularity? What are the characteristics of irregular migrants in terms of age, gender, nationality or other socioeconomic variables? How can the effects of policy measures, such as regularisation, be assessed? MIrreM adresses the challenge of insufficent knowledge about irregular migration and regularisation in Europe by actively involving relevant stakeholders in every stage of this project – as co-creators of its results and as stakeholders to its mission. In a rigorous comparative and multi-level study, we will assess the policies, data needs and estimates that define migrant irregularity in 11 EU member states, the UK, Canada, the USA and five transit countries. Using several coordinated pilots we will develop new and innovative methods for measuring irregular migration and ‘regularisation scenarios’, and we will explore if and how these instruments can be transferred or scaled up to other socio-economic or institutional conditions. Based on these insights, we will develop two public databases: a) a database with estimates on irregular migrant stocks and b) a database on irregular migration flows, that will also include data on regularisations. Together with the expert groups, we will synthesize our findings into a Handbook on data on irregular migration and a Handbook on regularisation that will support evidenced-based and targeted policymaking concerning irregular migration. Finally, we will develop training resources for policymakers, practitioners, journalists and early-career researchers.
Year 2022
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4 Project

Free Movement? The Onward Migration of EU Citizens Born in Somalia, Iran, and Nigeria

Authors Jill Ahrens, Ilse van Liempt, Melissa Kelly
Year 2016
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
Citations (WoS) 26
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5 Journal Article

Applying to higher education: comparisons of independent and state schools

Authors Máiréad Dunne, Russell King, Jill Ahrens
Year 2014
Journal Name Studies in Higher Education
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6 Journal Article

British Students in the United States

Authors Russell King, Allan Findlay, Jill Ahrens, ...
Year 2013
Book Title International Students and Scholars in the United States: Coming from Abroad
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7 Book Chapter

Reproducing advantage: the perspective of English school leavers on studying abroad

Authors Russell King, Allan Findlay, Jill Ahrens, ...
Year 2011
8 Journal Article

‘Diverse Mobilities’: Second-Generation Greek-Germans Engage with the Homeland as Children and as Adults

Authors Russell King, Anastasia Christou, Jill Ahrens
Year 2011
Journal Name Mobilities
Citations (WoS) 12
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9 Journal Article

International student mobility literature review

Authors Russell King, Allan Findlay, Jill Ahrens
Year 2010
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11 Report

Motivations of UK Students to Study Abroad: A Survey of School-Leavers

Authors Jill Ahrens, Russell King, Ronald Skeldon
Year 2010
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12 Working Paper

Migrations between Africa and Europe (MAFE)

Principal investigator Chris Beauchemin (PI)
The MAFE project is a collaborative research project (See the Page Partners) that started in 2005 with the objective to collect and analyze innovative data on migration between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. The key notion underpinning the MAFE project is that migration must not only be seen as a one-way flow from Africa to Europe. Return migration, circulation and transnational practices are significant and must be understood in order to design better migration policies. The MAFE project generated multi-sited, comparative and longitudinal surveys carried out in 3 African countries and 6 European countries. It offers a unique source of data that enables researchers to study the patterns, causes and consequences of African migration. Data collected in African countries can also be used to study other socio-demographic phenomena (union formation, fertility, socio-economic outcomes…
Year 2005
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