Lukešová, Anna


A Ph.D. Candidate working on civic integration policies, with a specific focus on the cases of Austria and Czechia


  • Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences

    University, Prague, Czech Republic
    Ph.D. Candidate


Civic Integration Policies in Central Europe: The Case of the Czech Republic

Authors Anna Simbartlová
Year 2019
Journal Name Der Donauraum
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Model of Civic Integration of Immigrants in Europe: Case of Austria and the Czech Republic

Principal investigator Anna Lukešová (Principal Investigator)
Civic integration represents a modern phenomenon in the field of integration of immigrants in Europe. Until the end of the 20th century, integration policies in Europe were perceived from the point of view of national models characteristic for particular countries. However, at the turn of the century, a new approach to integration policies, which is referred to as civic integration, emerged. It is used by countries whose traditional approaches to immigrant integration have varied considerably. And, as this work points out, the model is further extending to Central European countries, which are tackling with some degree of immigration as well. The research aims at studying the implementation of the civic integration model in Central Europe, on the example of Austria and the Czech Republic. It will focus on issues of multilevel governance in the field of civic integration in the countries concerned, with an emphasis on the role of local governments in the process of policy making and implementation, and their comparison. The research will use documentary analysis as well as semi-structured interviews and participant observation of integration activities themselves. The outputs of the project are to contribute to the widening of knowledge about the use of civic integration measures in countries that are not sufficiently covered in the scientific debate. The results of the research will also be used in the dissertation work of the principal researcher.
Year 2019
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