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Framing the Immigration Policy Agenda

Authors Rianne Dekker, Peter Scholten
Year 2017
Journal Name The International Journal of Press/Politics
Citations (WoS) 8
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Orientamento professionale e placement dei cittadini di Paesi Terzi

Authors Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Federica De Carlo
Year 2020
Journal Name FORMAZIONE & INSEGNAMENTO. Rivista internazionale di Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione, 18(1), 418-426.
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3 Journal Article

Africa and EU Migratory Policy: The current situation and challenges

Authors Gema Serón, Lorenzo Gabrielli
Year 2019
Book Title Africa Report. Cross-Border dynamics in a globalised context
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4 Book Chapter

Living with difference: Refugee education and school segregation processes in Greece

Authors Pinelopy Vergou, University of Thessaly
Year 2019
Journal Name Urban Studies
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Crossing the Eastern Mediterranean Sea in Search of “Protection”

Authors Dallal Stevens, Angeliki Dimitriadi
Year 2019
Journal Name Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies
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“Performing Critical Voice: On the Relationship of Citizenship, Belonging, and the Articulation of Contemporary Critiques

Authors Carolin Müller
Year 2019
Journal Name On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture
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