Lore Van Praag is the head of the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) at the University of Antwerp. She obtained a Master and PhD in Sociology at Ghent University. Her past research project focused on gendered community effects on mental health outcomes and interethnic relations in schools, processes of tracking/streaming, discrimination, educational achievement, social support, early school leaving, educational policies, primary and secondary education, grounded theory and ethnography....


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • University of Antwerp

    , Antwerpen, Belgium


Environmental migration and displacement: a new theoretical framework for the study of migration aspirations in response to environmental changes

Authors Lore Van Praag, Christiane Timmerman
Year 2019
Journal Name Environmental Sociology
1 Journal Article

A qualitative study of how exclusion processes shape friendship development among Turkish-Belgian university students

Authors F. Zehra Colak, Lore Van Praag, Ides Nicaise
Year 2019
Journal Name International Journal of Intercultural Relations
2 Journal Article

Rethinking transition: What happens when young people leave school early?

Authors Marie Gitschthaler, Lore van Praag
Year 2018
Journal Name European Journal of Education
3 Journal Article

Age is more than just a number! The role of age and maturity in the processes leading to early school leaving in Flanders (Belgium)

Authors Lore Van Praag, Rut Van Caudenberg, Mariana Orozco
Year 2018
Journal Name British Educational Research Journal
4 Journal Article

A Migration Project in Retrospect: The Case of the Ageing Zero Generation in Emirdag

Authors C Timmerman, Joris Michielsen, Lore Van Praag, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name Social inclusion, 2018, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 142-152
5 Journal Article

‘Everyone has their own qualities’: tracking and academic self-appraisal in Flemish secondary education

Authors Lore Van Praag, Jannick Demanet, Peter A. J. Stevens, ...
Year 2017
Journal Name Social Psychology of Education
6 Journal Article

How to support and engage students in alternative forms of education and training? A qualitative study of school staff members in Flanders

Authors Lore Van Praag, Rut Van Caudenberg, Ward Nouwen, ...
Year 2017
Journal Name Journal of Education and Work
7 Journal Article

How humor makes or breaks student-teacher relationships: A classroom ethnography in Belgium

Authors Lore Van Praag, Peter A.J. Stevens, Mieke Van Houtte
Year 2017
Journal Name Teaching and Teacher Education
8 Journal Article

The perceived role of Islamic religiosity in minorities’ educational success in Belgium. A cure or curse?

Authors Lore Van Praag, Orhan Agirdag, Peter AJ Stevens, ...
Year 2016
Journal Name Social Compass
9 Journal Article

The attitude-achievement paradox in Belgium: An examination of school attitudes of ethnic minority students

Authors Fanny D'hondt, Mieke Van Houtte, Peter A. J. Stevens, ...
Year 2016
Citations (WoS) 4
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
10 Journal Article

‘No more Turkish music!’ The acculturation strategies of teachers and ethnic minority students in Flemish schools

Authors Lore Van Praag, Mieke Van Houtte, Peter A.J. Stevens
Year 2016
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Citations (WoS) 5
11 Journal Article

Defining success in education: Exploring the frames of reference used by different voluntary migrant groups in Belgium

Authors Lore Van Praag, Mieke Van Houtte, Peter A. J. Stevens
Year 2015
12 Journal Article

Is the Sky Really the Limit? Exploring the Attitude-Achievement Paradox in the Belgian Context

Authors Lore Van Praag, Fanny D’hondt, Peter Stevens, ...
Year 2015
Journal Name Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
13 Journal Article

How tracking structures attitudes towards ethnic out-groups and interethnic interactions in the classroom: an ethnographic study in Belgium

Authors Lore Van Praag, Simon Boone, Peter A. J. Stevens, ...
Year 2015
Journal Name Social Psychology of Education
14 Journal Article

Do Attitudes toward School Influence the Underachievement of Turkish and Moroccan Minority Students in Flanders? The Attitude-Achievement Paradox Revisited

Authors Fanny D’hondt, Lore Van Praag, Peter A. J. Stevens, ...
Year 2015
Journal Name Comparative Education Review
15 Journal Article

The association between residential area characteristics and mental health outcomes among men and women in Belgium

Authors Elise Pattyn, Lore Van Praag, Mieke Verhaeghe, ...
Year 2011
Journal Name Archives of Public Health
16 Journal Article

Divorce, divorce rates, and professional care seeking for mental health problems in Europe: a cross-sectional population-based study

Authors Piet F Bracke, Elien Colman, Sara AA Symoens, ...
Year 2010
Journal Name BMC Public Health
17 Journal Article

Mental health in a gendered context: Gendered community effect on depression and problem drinking

Authors Lore van Praag, Piet Bracke, Wendy Christiaens, ...
Year 2009
Journal Name Health & Place
18 Journal Article
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