Antonina Levatino is a Research Fellow at the Department of Sociology of the UAB, holding a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). Her research focuses on the link between the internationalization of higher education, skilled migration and student mobility, on accountability and autonomy reforms in education, as well as on social stratification.
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  • Autonomous University of Barcelona

    University, Barcelona, Spain
    Research Fellow


What do exchange students value when choosing a destination for their study period abroad? A conjoint experiment

Authors Antonina Levatino
Year 2022
Journal Name Globalisation, Societies and Education
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1 Journal Article

Stuck in a Time Warp? The Great Recession and the Socio-occupational Integration of Migrants in Spain

Authors Antonina Levatino, Juan Ramón Jiménez-García
Year 2022
Journal Name Journal of International Migration and Integration
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2 Journal Article

Mobilités étudiantes internationales : l’attractivité de la France

Authors Antonina Levatino, Lama Kabbanji, Sorana Toma
Year 2021
Journal Name Plein Droit
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3 Journal Article

Les migrations pour études au prisme des mobilités sociales

Authors Hicham Jamid, Lama Kabbanji, Antonina Levatino, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Migration Société
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4 Journal Article

Mobilités étudiantes et croissance de l’enseignement transnational : des tendances globales au cas de la Méditerranée

Authors Antonina Levatino, Kevin Mary
Year 2019
Journal Name La vie de la recherche scientifique
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5 Journal Article

Opening or closing borders to international students? Convergent and divergent dynamics in France, Spain and the UK

Authors A. Levatino, T. Eremenko, Y. Molinero Gerbeau, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name Globalisation, Societies and Education
7 Journal Article

Report on drivers, policies and impacts of mobility among international students and academics

Authors Lama Kabbanji, Antonina Levatino, Sorana Toma, ...
Year 2018
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8 Report

Transnational higher education and international student mobility: determinants and linkage

Authors Antonina Levatino
Year 2017
Journal Name Higher Education
10 Journal Article

Mobilité qualifiée et étudiante au sud et au nord de la Méditerranée

Authors Antonina Levatino, Catherine Withol de Wenden, Camille Schmoll, ...
Year 2015
Book Title Migrations en Méditarranée. Permanences et mutations à l’heure des révolutions et des crises
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11 Book Chapter

Transnational higher education and skilled migration: Evidence from Australia

Authors Antonina Levatino
Year 2015
Journal Name International Journal of Educational Development
12 Journal Article

La difficile costruzione di un consenso internazionale sulla fuga dei cervelli

Authors Antonina Levatino, Antoine Pécoud
Year 2014
13 Journal Article

Une analyse du discours international sur la « fuite des cerveaux ». Un consensus en trompe-l’œil

Authors Antonina Levatino, Antoine Pécoud
Year 2014
Journal Name Cahiers d'études africaines
16 Journal Article

Overcoming the Ethical Dilemmas of Skilled Migration? An Analysis of International Narratives on the "Brain Drain"

Authors Antonina Levatino, Antoine Pecoud
Year 2012
Journal Name American Behavioral Scientist, 2014, Vol. 58, No. 12, pp. 1614-1633
17 Journal Article

Introduction: New Perspectives on Skilled Migration

Authors Any Freitas, Antonina Levatino, Antoine Pécoud
Year 2012
Journal Name Diversities
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18 Journal Article

Schools in the media: framing national standardized testing in the Norwegian press, 2004–2018

Authors Marjolein K. Camphuijsen, Antonina Levatino
Year 2021
Journal Name Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education
20 Journal Article

Migrations internationales étudiantes ghanéennes et sénégalaises : caractéristiques et déterminants

Authors Lama Kabbanji, Antonina Levatino, Fofo Ametepe
Year 2013
Journal Name Cahiers québécois de démographie
21 Journal Article

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