I am Professor of Youth, Migration and Social Justice in the School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, Scotland (UK). My research interests are in the areas of family migration, social justice and inequalities, with a focus on children and young people's education, participation in society and equal opportunities. I have lead until 2019 an ESRC-funded project which looks at issues of identity, citizenship and belonging among Eastern European young people in the...


  • University of Strathclyde

    , Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Professor of Youth, Migration and Social Justice


Belonging in Brexit Britain: Central and Eastern European 1.5 generation young people's experiences

Authors Naomi Tyrrell, Daniela Sime, Claire Kelly, ...
Year 2019
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
Citations (WoS) 1
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1 Journal Article

‘It’s good enough that our children are accepted’: Roma mothers’ views of children’s education post migration

Authors Daniela Sime, Giovanna Fassetta, Michele McClung
Year 2018
Journal Name British Journal of Sociology of Education
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2 Journal Article

Home abroad: Eastern European children's family and peer relationships after migration

Authors Daniela Sime, Rachael Fox
Year 2015
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3 Journal Article

Transnational intergenerationalities: cultural learning in Polish migrant families and its implications for pedagogy

Authors Daniela Sime, Emilia Pietka-Nykaza
Year 2015
Journal Name Language and Intercultural Communication
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4 Journal Article

Migrant Children, Social Capital and Access to Services Post-Migration: Transitions, Negotiations and Complex Agencies

Authors Daniela Sime, Rachael Fox
Year 2015
Journal Name Children & Society
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5 Journal Article

‘You want the best for your kids’: improving educational outcomes for children living in poverty through parental engagement

Authors Daniela Sime, Marion Sheridan
Year 2014
Journal Name Educational Research
6 Journal Article

Ethical and methodological issues in engaging young people living in poverty with participatory research methods

Authors Daniela Sime
Year 2008
Journal Name Children's Geographies
8 Journal Article

What do learners make of teachers' gestures in the language classroom?

Authors Daniela Sime
Year 2006
Journal Name IRAL - International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching
9 Journal Article

Formative assessment for all: a whole‐school approach to pedagogic change

Authors Mark Priestley, Daniela Sime
Year 2005
Journal Name The Curriculum Journal
10 Journal Article

Student teachers' first reflections on information and communications technology and classroom learning: implications for initial teacher education

Authors Daniela Sime, Mark Priestley
Year 2005
Journal Name Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
12 Journal Article
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