Phd from the University of Lisbon in Human Geography (2005) Associate Professor at the University of Lisbon
Migration Reasearch Hub ID: 121
Researcher ID 7917-19AF-21C5
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Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território

    University, Lisboa, Portugal
    Assistant Professor and Researcher


Moroccans in Portugal: The Role of Networks with the Home Country in Migration and Integration Processes

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Alina Esteves, Jennifer McGarrigle
Year 2019
Book Title Mediterranean Mobilities
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1 Book Chapter

Labour market integration of immigrants in Portugal in times of austerity: resilience,in situresponses and re-emigration

Authors Alina Isabel Pereira Esteves, Maria Lucinda Cruz dos Santos Fonseca, Jorge da Silva Macaísta Malheiros
Year 2018
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Citations (WoS) 3
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2 Journal Article

Ageing and Migration: Some Reflexions on the Effects of the Economic and Financial Crisis on Demographic Trends in Portuguese Regions

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Diogo de Abreu, Alina Esteves
Year 2017
Book Title Regional Upgrading in Southern Europe
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3 Book Chapter

Migration Mechanisms of the Middle Range: On the Concept of Reverse Cumulative Causation

Authors Erik Snel, Godfried Engbersen, Alina Esteves
Year 2016
Book Title Beyond Networks
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4 Book Chapter

New forms of migration into the European South: challenges for citizenship and governance - the Portuguese Case

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Alina Esteves, Maria José Caldeira
Year 2002
Journal Name International Journal of Population Geography
6 Journal Article

Migration and the reconfiguration of rural places: The accommodation of difference in Odemira, Portugal

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Alina Esteves, Luís Moreno
Year 2021
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
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7 Journal Article

Becoming a part of ‘elsewhereness’: On the self‐perceived integration of Swedish immigrants in Portugal

Authors Daniel Rauhut, Alina Esteves
Year 2020
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
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8 Journal Article

Neighbourhood integration in european multi-ethnic cities. Evidence from the Geitonies project

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Jennifer McGarrigle, Alina Esteves
Year 2014
Journal Name Finisterra
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9 Journal Article

The Economic Crisis as a Feedback-Generating Mechanism? Brazilian and Ukrainian Migration to Portugal

Authors Alina Esteves, Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Jennifer McGarrigle
Book Title Beyond Networks
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10 Book Chapter

Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating an urban community development programme in Portugal

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Alina Esteves
Journal Name Studies in Applied Geography and Spatial Analysis
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11 Journal Article

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