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    University, Budapest, Hungary
    Associate Professor


Destination unknown? Study choices and graduate destinations of Hungarian youth in Slovakia

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2018
Journal Name European Journal of Education
1 Journal Article

Divergent pathways: the road to higher education for second-generation Turks in Austria

Authors Adél Pásztor, Adel Pasztor
Year 2016
Journal Name Race Ethnicity and Education
Citations (WoS) 3
2 Journal Article

Careers on the Move: International Doctoral Students at an Elite British University

Authors Adel Pasztor
Year 2015
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
Citations (WoS) 6
3 Journal Article

Education matters: continuity and change in attitudes to education and social mobility among the offspring of Turkish guest workers in the Netherlands and Austria

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2014
Journal Name International Studies in Sociology of Education
5 Journal Article

Imagined futures: why business studies dominate the higher education choices of second-generation Turks in the Netherlands

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2012
Journal Name Ethnic and Racial Studies
Citations (WoS) 6
6 Journal Article

Talking the Same Language: How Does Education in the Mother Tongue Affect the Pupils’ Scholastic Achievement in the Parallel School Systems?

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2010
Book Title Quality and Inequality of Education
7 Book Chapter

‘Go, go on and go higher an’ higher’. Second‐generation Turks’ understanding of the role of education and their struggle through the Dutch school system

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2010
Journal Name British Journal of Sociology of Education
8 Journal Article

Different settings, different choosers? Applying Ball’s framework on the case of second‐generation Turks

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2009
Journal Name International Studies in Sociology of Education
9 Journal Article

The children of guest workers: comparative analysis of scholastic achievement of pupils of Turkish origin throughout Europe

Authors Adél Pásztor
Year 2008
Journal Name Intercultural Education
10 Journal Article

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