Korol, Liliia


Migration Reasearch Hub ID: 1455
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6434-0982


  • Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare / Malmö University

    University, Malmö, Sweden
    Affiliated Researcher

  • National University of Ostroh Academy

    University, Ostroh, Ukraine
    Associate Professor


Friend Support As a Buffer Against Engagement in Problem Behaviors Among Ethnically Harassed Immigrant Adolescents

Authors Liliia Korol, Sevgi Bayram Özdemir, Håkan Stattin
Year 2020
Journal Name The Journal of Early Adolescence
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
1 Journal Article

Schools can be supporting environments in disadvantaged neighborhoods

Authors Håkan Stattin, Ylva Svensson, Liliia Korol
Year 2019
Journal Name International Journal of Behavioral Development
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
2 Journal Article

Does multicultural personality moderate the relationship between cross-group friendship and allophilia?

Authors Liliia Korol
Year 2019
Journal Name The Journal of Social Psychology
3 Journal Article

Adolescents’ Engagement in Ethnic Harassment: Prejudiced Beliefs in Social Networks and Classroom Ethnic Diversity

Authors Sevgi Bayram Özdemir, Shuyan Sun, Liliia Korol, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name Journal of Youth and Adolescence
4 Journal Article

Is the Association Between Multicultural Personality and Ethnic Tolerance Explained by Cross-Group Friendship?

Authors Liliia D. Korol
Year 2017
Journal Name The Journal of General Psychology
5 Journal Article

The Impact of Multicultural Personality on Tolerance of Diversity in a Sample of Portuguese University Students

Authors L. Korol, G. Gonçalves, M. Cabral
Year 2016
Journal Name Psicologia - Teoria e Prática
6 Journal Article

The relationship between multicultural personality, intergroup contact, and positive outgroup attitudes toward Asian Americans.

Authors Liliia Korol, Alexander W. Fietzer, Joseph G. Ponterotto
Journal Name Asian American Journal of Psychology
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
7 Journal Article

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