ImPol Database (Immigration Policies)

The database (ImPol) contains 27 quantitative indicators to measure the entry dimension of immigration policies. The indicators are grouped in five dimensions: Immigration policy concerning irregular entry/residence; Short stay entry policy; Family reunification policy; Policies on entry for study; Work immigration policy. The ImPol dataset was originally conceived as a tool to complement the individual survey data collection carried out in the context of the MAFE-Senegal Project. The information collected so far is limited to France, Italy, and Spain, which are the main destinations of Senegalese migrants in Europe and focuses predominantly on the period from the 1960s until 2008. The legal texts consulted reflect the general policy regime in the three European countries and are hence of use for analyses addressing questions about immigration from a variety of origin countries. In addition, authors collected texts (bilateral agreements) addressing the specific case of the Senegalese. The type of information contained in the ImPol dataset can be used for a wide range of both contextual and statistical analyses
Year 2008

Taxonomy Associations

Migration processes
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research
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