Jung, Philipp Roman

Philipp Roman


  • Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon (IGOT)

    University, Lisbon, Portugal


Multinational Migration in the Global South: Complex and Non-linear Trajectories of Senegalese Migrants in Brazil

Authors Philipp Roman Jung
Year 2023
Book Title Onward Migration and Multi-Sited Transnationalism
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1 Book Chapter

Aqui para ficar ou só de passagem? Experiências migratórias de senegaleses e ganeses no Brasil

Authors Philipp Roman Jung, Glaucia de Oliveira Assis, Michelle Maria Stakonski Cechinel
Year 2018
Journal Name Cadernos de Estudos Sociais
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2 Journal Article

Migration, Remittances and Development: A case study of Senegalese labour migrants on the island Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Authors Philipp Jung
Year 2015
Journal Name Cadernos de Estudos Africanos
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3 Journal Article

Channelling mobilities: migrant-owned businesses as mobility infrastructures

Authors Philipp Roman Jung, Franz Buhr
Year 2021
Journal Name Mobilities
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4 Journal Article

Hope, Disillusion and Coincidence in Migratory Decisions by Senegalese Migrants in Brazil

Authors Philipp Roman Jung
Year 2021
Journal Name Social Inclusion
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5 Journal Article

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