Associate Professor in the Department of Social Anthropology (Complutense University Madrid). Her research fields are the Migration Studies (Latin American migration, Andean migration, transnational perspective and gender, new mobilities and new Spanish migration, asylum and gender) and Development Studies. She has conducted fieldwork in Ecuador, Cape Vert, Spain and the UK. She has been Visiting Scholar at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), FLACSO-Ecuador, Oñati International...
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  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    , Madrid, Spain
    Associate Professor


La emigración española contemporánea bajo una mirada interdisciplinar

Authors Débora Betrisey, Almudena Cortés, Beatriz Moncó
Year 2017
Journal Name Migraciones.
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1 Journal Article

Birds of a Feather in transnational flight: Return, Gender and MobilityImmobility Strategies Between Ecuador and Spain

Authors Almudena Cortés, Laura Oso
Year 2017
Journal Name Revista Española de Sociología (RES)
Citations (WoS) 2
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2 Journal Article

Gender-Based Violence and Border: Central American Migrants in Mexico heading to the US

Authors Almudena Cortés
Year 2018
Journal Name European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
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3 Journal Article

The transnational governance of Ecuadorian migration through codevelopment

Authors Almudena Cortés
Year 2011
Journal Name International Migration
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4 Journal Article

Latin American migrant associations and co-development: Areas of transnational political participation

Authors Almudena Cortes Maisonave, Anna Sanmartín Ortí
Year 2018
Journal Name Papers. Revista de Sociología
5 Journal Article

Crossed mobilities within a context of crisis: a theoretical proposal for the study of geographical and social mobility from a gender, transnational and intergenerational perspective

Authors Laura Oso, Amelia Sáiz López, Almudena Cortés
Year 2017
Journal Name Revista Española de Sociología
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6 Journal Article

Gender, andean migration and development: analytical challenges and political debates

Authors Almudena Cortés
Year 2013
Book Title The International Handbook on Gender, Migration and Transnationalism: Global and Development Perspectives
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7 Book Chapter
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