Mapping Specific Incentives for Countries of Origin to Facilitate Cooperation on Return

Principal investigator Albert Kraler (Project Team Member), Bernhard Perchinig (Project Team Member)
This project aims at identifying need-based potentials for cooperation, which can lead to opportunities for improved cooperation between countries wishing to return persons not holding residence rights and five countries (Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Iran) in the field of return and readmission. More specifically, and based on the analysis of relevant international relations theories as well as on insights from expert interviews, the study will examine: • Options for the development of strategies for the creation of incentive based cooperation schemes in the field of return and readmission and to determine which incentives could be offered to the countries of origin of illegally resident third-country nationals without jeopardizing the EU's objectives in this area, and ultimately its own interests. • Experiences of selected EU-countries (Italy, the Netherland, the UK, Sweden) in cooperation with the above mentioned countries in the field of return. • Necessary conditions for the establishment of sustainable cooperation in the field of return (based on theoretical considerations and results of the empirical investigations) In addition, the project aims at producing five country specific case studies including information on: • the general situation with regard to migration and the corresponding third country. • the current state of cooperation between Austria and the third country • perceived problems in the area of repatriation • European experiences • positive incentives
Year 2017

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Migration processes
Migration governance
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