Ilse van Liempt is Associate Professor in Urban Geography in the Human Geography Department and Research Leader of the UU wide strategic theme Migration and Societal Change. Previously she worked at the Institute for Ethnic and Migration Studies (IMES) in Amsterdam and at the Sussex Center for Migration Research (SCMR). Her PhD was published in 2007 as a book called Navigating Borders. Since then she has published widely on irregular migration, refugee migration, gender, public space, diversity and...


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • utrecht university

    University, utrecht, Netherlands
    assistant professor


Re-routing migration geographies: Migrants, trajectories and mobility regimes

Authors Joris Schapendonk, Ilse van Liempt, Inga Schwarz, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Geoforum
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1 Journal Article

Sport in liminal spaces: The meaning of sport activities for refugees living in a reception centre

Authors Maikel Waardenburg, Ilse van Liempt, Ineke Deelen, ...
Year 2019
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
2 Journal Article

Cities and social movements: immigrant rights activism in the US, France, and the Netherlands, 1970-2015

Authors Ilse van Liempt
Year 2018
Journal Name Ethnic and Racial Studies
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3 Journal Article

Smart(phone) travelling: understanding the use and impact of mobile technology on irregular migration journeys

Authors Judith Zijlstra, Ilse Van Liempt
Year 2017
Journal Name International Journal of Migration and Border Studies
4 Journal Article

Free Movement? The Onward Migration of EU Citizens Born in Somalia, Iran, and Nigeria

Authors Jill Ahrens, Ilse van Liempt, Melissa Kelly
Year 2016
Citations (WoS) 26
5 Journal Article

Scrutinising the double disadvantage: knowledge production in the messy field of migrant smuggling

Authors Theodore Baird, Ilse van Liempt
Year 2016
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Citations (WoS) 9
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6 Journal Article

Travellers and their journeys: A dynamic conceptualization of transient migrants' and backpackers' behaviour and experiences on the road

Authors J. Schapendonk, I. van Liempt, B. Spierings
Year 2015
Journal Name Migration Studies
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7 Journal Article

Super-diversity and the art of living in ethnically concentrated urban areas

Authors Milena Chimienti, Ilse van Liempt
Year 2015
Journal Name Identities
Citations (WoS) 4
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8 Journal Article

Migrant Smuggling: Irregular Migration From Asia and Africa to Europe

Authors Ilse van Liempt
Year 2014
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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9 Journal Article

Borderline justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights

Authors Ilse van Liempt
Year 2014
Journal Name Ethnic and Racial Studies
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10 Journal Article

Methodological and Ethical Dilemmas in Research Among Smuggled Migrants

Authors Veronika Bilger, Ilse van Liempt
Book Title Qualitative Research in European Migration Studies
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11 Book Chapter

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