Prague Process Targeted Initiative

The Research Team is supporting the PPTI Team in implementing Specific Objective 2 of the Prague Process Targeted Initiative: Knowledge Base. This objective builds on the results of the “Building Migration Partnerships” (BMP) project implemented in 2009-2011. Objective: The aim of this component is to maintain, update and/or further improve the BMP knowledge base, through gathering information in the form of Migration Profiles for countries in Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia. Information and data gathering will be a continuous process throughout the whole implementation period with the purpose of collecting and analysing data, statistics and information on migration flows, trends and dynamics between the countries participating in the Prague Process. The information gathered will be presented in form of Migration Profiles and the i-Map. Activities: • Expert-level Workshop on data management/data and sources utilisation for the elaboration of Migration Profiles or other documents of similar nature • Expert Missions of a group of 3 EU experts nominated by the Project Steering Committee to the 11 participating beneficiary countries. The target of these missions: 1. To re-introduce the purpose of Migration Profiles, their history and format to the relevant state authorities both on policy and expert level; 2. To confirm existing or identify new responsible national bodies for development or update of the Migration Profiles and agree on the methodology and timeframe for development of the Migration Profiles; 3. To gather key information and data, identify existing gaps and propose solutions for how to address them on the national level; 4. To exchange information on selected thematic areas of the Action Plan of the Prague Process which are not covered by the 4 Pilot Projects of the Prague Process Targeted Initiative or to meet a request for information from Prague Process states which do not participate in the Specific Objective 2 Knowledge Base. • Elaboration of 4 and update of 7 existing migration profiles including additional research, expert input, data gathering and analysis. The Support team (ICMPD project team) will act as the help desk for the national authorities in charge of coordination of development of the Migration Profile and will ensure communication between the national authorities and experts from the leading states including ensuring translation of relevant documents in English and Russian language. The support team will collect and store all information and communication, translate relevant information into the PP Knowledge Base and the i-Map and will keep the Knowledge Base up-to-date. • 2 Study visits of 11 beneficiary states’ experts (1 expert on migration analysis and statistics for each state) to project partner states (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden). The purpose of the study visits is to get acquainted with the work of analytical units of the partner states (e.g. the Analytical Centre for Border Protection and Migration within the Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic) Outcomes: • Interactive online i-Map updated and improved. • 4 beneficiary states' Migration Profiles developed and used. • 7 existing beneficiary states' Migration Profiles updated and used. • Strengthening the capacity of the 11 beneficiary states to gather and process data on migration.
Year 2012

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