Volha Vysotskaya is a research associate at the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences and specialises in the field of Social Change, Population Dynamics, and the Life Course. Her interests lie in research on transition, life course, mobility and migration. She is equally interested in developing research on migration of skilled and highly skilled workers, social cohesion and integration of migrants in the receiving countries.
Migration Reasearch Hub ID: 449
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1302-0724


  • University of Luxembourg

    University, Luxembourg

  • University of luxembourg

    University, Esch-sur Alzette, Luxembourg
    Research scientist


Learning in Transition: Erasmus+ as an Opportunity for Internationalization

Authors Sahizer Samuk, Birte Nienaber, Emilia Kmiotek-Meier, ...
Year 2021
Book Title The Palgrave Handbook of Youth Mobility and Educational Migration
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1 Book Chapter

Challenging Youth Unemployment Through International Mobility

Authors Birte Nienaber, Ioana Manafi, Monica Roman, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Journal of Social and Economic Statistics
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2 Journal Article

Agency and Structure Revisited with Youth Responses to Gendered (Spatial) Mobilities in the EU

Authors Şahizer Samuk Carignani, Tabea Schlimbach, Emilia Kmiotek-Meier, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Border Crossing
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3 Journal Article

Why is it so hard? And for whom? Obstacles to intra-European mobility

Authors Emilia Kmiotek-Meier, Jan Skrobanek, Birte Nienaber, ...
Year 2019
Journal Name Migration Letters
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5 Journal Article

Introduction to Special Issue on Inequalities and Youth Mobilities in Europe from Comparative Perspectives

Authors Sahizer Samuk Carignani, Emilia Kmiotek-Meier, Birte Nienaber, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name Migration Letters
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6 Journal Article

Running together to explore the city: How foreigners discover the city through experiences of a sports group

Authors Aude Kerivel, Volha Ansotskaya
Year 2018
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7 Journal Article

Doing Exercise Every Day at Work: Individual Goals through Collective Achievement

Authors Volha Vysotskaya, Aude Kerivel
Year 2017
Journal Name The International Journal of Sport and Society
8 Journal Article

Love as a Fictitious Commodity: Gift-for-Sex Barters as Contractual Carriers of Intimacy

Authors Christopher S. Swader, Olga Strelkova, Alena Sutormina, ...
Year 2013
Journal Name Sexuality & Culture
9 Journal Article

Youth transition to the labour market during employment mobility. Employment and inequality of young people in Europe

Authors Máté Kun, Volha Vysotskaya, Petronella Doszpoly, ...
Year 2017
Journal Name Tér és Társadalom
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10 Journal Article

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