Finn, Victoria


Victoria Finn researches migrant voting, (non)citizenship, migrant political resocialization, and regional migration governance in South America. MA in International Affairs from the George Washington University. Victoria is a 2021 Visiting Doctoral Fellow at Tallinn University, Estonia, and a dual-PhD Candidate in Political Science at the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, and in Humanities at Leiden University, the Netherlands.


  • Leiden University; Diego Portales University

    , Santiago, Chile
    Dual PhD Candidate


Migrant voting: here, there, in both countries, or nowhere

Authors Victoria Finn
Year 2020
Journal Name Citizenship Studies
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1 Journal Article

Entre el individuo y el Estado: Burocracia pre-y post-migratoria

Authors Victoria Finn
Year 2019
Journal Name REMHU : Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana
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2 Journal Article

The dynamics of regional migration governance

Authors Andrew GEDDES, Marcia VERA ESPINOZA, Leila HADJ-ABDOU, ...
Year 2019
3 Book

Book Review of The national versus the foreigner in South America: 200 years of migration and citizenship law

Authors Victoria Finn
Year 2019
Journal Name Ethnic and Racial Studies
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4 Journal Article
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