TRACKS: Identification of TRafficked Asylum seeKers' Special needs

TRACKS- identification of TRafficked Asylum seeKers’ Special needs is a transnational project that offers to analyze the asylum-trafficking in human beings (THB) nexus through the prism of special needs of trafficked asylum seekers and to equip national asylum authorities and civil society organizations to tackle crosscutting issues (i.e. protection, housing, rehabilitation, psychosocial support as well as security). Indeed, international protection of these asylum seekers might be challenged by their very specific vulnerability. Asylum seekers identified as victims of THB need to benefit from specific social and judicial support and reception conditions, as well as from a procedure that should be adapted to their individual specific situation. These needs have to be addressed to allow them to benefit from an appropriated international protection by EU member States. Very few victims of THB applying for asylum are granted refugee status or subsidiary protection as they have enormous difficulties to express their individual story because they are most of the time under influence, are not always aware of their rights in relation to their specific situation and went through traumatic experiences. Moreover, the asylum application can be used by criminal networks exploiting victims to make sure they legally stay on the territory. The situation of this specific vulnerable group requires a very specific answer that will result from a complementary accompaniment from a range of actors (i.e. regarding social and legal support, health, security issues, etc.).
Year 2016

Taxonomy Associations

Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
  • Legal-political consequences
Migration governance
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