Aneta Piekut is a lecturer at the Univeristy of Sheffield and a research fellow at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. Her substantive work covers four research areas: (1) Complexities of attitudes and ethnic/racial prejudice in the UK and Poland; (2) International migration and its consequences for local communities and inter-ethnic relations; (3) Patterns and theories of spatial segregation; and (4) Measuring public opinion on immigration.


Migration processes
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • University of Warsaw, Centre of Migration Research

    , Warsaw, Poland
    Research Feloow


Spaces of encounter and attitudes towards difference: A comparative study of two European cities

Authors Aneta Piekut, G Valentine
Year 2017
Citations (WoS) 12
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1 Journal Article

Perceived Diversity and Acceptance of Minority Ethnic Groups in Two Urban Contexts

Authors Aneta Piekut, G Valentine
Year 2016
Citations (WoS) 5
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2 Journal Article

You’ve got Starbucks and Coffee Heaven... I Can Do This!' Spaces of Social Adaptation of Highly Skilled Migrants in Warsaw

Authors Aneta Piekut
Year 2013
Journal Name Central and Eastern European Migration Review
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3 Journal Article

Visible and Invisible Ethnic ‘Others’ in Warsaw: Spaces of Encounter and Places of Exclusion

Authors Aneta Piekut
Year 2012
Book Title Chasing Warsaw Socio-Material Dynamics of Urban Change since 1990
5 Book Chapter

Multidimensional Diversity in Two European Cities: Thinking beyond Ethnicity

Authors Aneta Piekut, Philip Rees, Gill Valentine, ...
Year 2012
Journal Name Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
Citations (WoS) 24
6 Journal Article

Integration: A Supplementary Driver of Immigration?

Authors Marta Biernath, Agata Gorny, Ewa Kepinska, ...
Year 2010
Book Title Immigration to Poland: policy, employment, integration
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7 Book Chapter

Wybrane aspekty integracji imigrantów: w poszukiwaniu mechanizmów sprzyjających dalszemu napływowi cudzoziemców do Polski

Authors Agata Gorny, Marta Kindler, Aneta Piekut, ...
Year 2010
Book Title Not obvious transformation. Poland as a country of immigration
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8 Book Chapter

Wielość wymiarów – zatem jaka integracja? Przegląd tematyki i metod badań integracyjnych

Authors Aneta Piekut
Year 2008
Book Title Problems of immigrants’ integration. Concepts, research, politics
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9 Book Chapter

Adaptacja imigrantów na lubelskim rynku pracy

Authors Aneta Piekut
Year 2008
Book Title Foreign migrations and labor market processes-the case of the Lublin region
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10 Book Chapter
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