Student Mobility from India to Selected European Countries: The case of Germany and France

Authors Shahana MUKHERJEE, Rupa CHANDA
The development of European policies on higher education in the last two decades has facilitated and encouraged (inward) non-European student mobility. This paper examines the issue of student mobility between two European host countries, namely Germany and France and a leading source country, namely India. Often regarded as the “middle players”, the paper identifies factors that drive the demand for higher education in these alternative destinations and elements that have contributed to their growing visibility among Indian students. The paper draws on findings from a recently conducted survey on Indian students in Europe to also identify the challenges associated with pursuing higher education in Germany and France. The paper further examines the role of competition and its impact on the international competitiveness of these destinations and concludes with policy recommendations, which can facilitate international student flows to Germany and France.
Year 2012

Taxonomy Associations

Migration processes
Migration governance
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