Espiñeira, Keina


Keina Espiñeira is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Sociology and Visual Communication, A Coruña University (Spain) and member of the Research Group in the Sociology of International Migration (ESOMI). She graduated in Political Science from Complutense University and in Visual Studies from Carlos III University. She holds a PhD in Political Conflict and Peace Processes from Complutense University and an M.A. in Documentary Cinema from Alcalá University. Her research focuses on the politics...
Researcher ID S-1606-2019


  • Universidade da Coruña

    , , Spain
    Postdoctoral researcher


The borderscape of Punta Tarifa: concurrent invisibilisation practices at Europe’s ultimate peninsula

Authors X. Ferrer-Gallardo, A. Albet-Mas, K. Espiñeira
Year 2015
Journal Name Cultural Geographies
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1 Journal Article

Immobilized between two EU-thresholds: Suspended trajectories of subsaharan migrants in the Limboscape of Ceuta

Authors X. Ferrer-Gallardo, K. Espiñeira, M. Van der Velde, ...
Year 2015
Book Title People, Borders and Trajectories
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2 Book Chapter

Euro-African Invisibilisations in the Border(land)scape of Punta Tarifa

Authors X. Ferrer-Gallardo, A. Albet-Mas, K. Espiñeira
Year 2015
Book Title Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making
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3 Book Chapter

Abyssal Lines and Their Contestation in the Construction of Modern Europe: A De-Colonial Perspective of the Spanish Case

Authors H. Cairo-Carou, K. Espiñeira
Year 2015
Book Title Global Modernity and Social Contestation
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4 Book Chapter
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