UNHCR Population Statistics Database

The database contains information on UNHCR's populations of concern from 1951 onwards. It can be used to investigate different aspects of displacement: host countries and countries of origin, status (refugees, asylum seekers, returned refugees, internally displaced persons (IDP), protected/assisted by UNHCR, returned IDPs, stateless persons, etc.), evolution over time, etc. The dataset covers more than 180 countries. Information like age and sex are also recorded. The data can be easily filtered by single or multiple variables. The selected data can be downloaded to comma-separated variable (CSV) format file and imported in other applications for further analysis. Moreover, mid-year statistics are also available for download. General notes: A number of statistics are not shown in the system but are displayed as asterisks (*). These figures are being kept confidential to protect the anonymity of persons of concern and are not included in the totals.
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