Mapping the training needs of beneficiaries of international protection and the existing mechanisms for training provision in five EU Member States (with focus on women)

Authors Rosa VASILAKI
The purpose of this study for Greece is to provide a review of the information and training needs of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection and the national mechanisms for information and training provision (with focus on women). This report offers an overview of the existing mechanisms in Greece by looking at the array of stakeholders involved in the process of reception and integration of TNCs, refugees and beneficiaries of international protection in Greece. Along with documenting trends and canvassing the variety of stakeholders and projects, the study offers background information with regards to the peculiarity of socio-political and economic situation in Greece in order to explain the existing difficulties and identify the current challenges with regard to the system of reception and integration. Greece has recently been the theatre of an unprecedented refugee flow (as far as the country’s experience is concerned).
Year 2017

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Migration processes
Migration governance
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