Paloma, Virginia


Dr. Virginia Paloma is the Director of the Center of Community Research and Action (CESPYD, at the University of Seville (US, Spain), where she is Assistant Professor of Community Psychology at the Department of Social Psychology. She is also the Co-coordinator of the US’ Master Program ‘International Migrations, Health and Wellbeing: Models and Strategies for Intervention’; and Vice Dean for Community Outreach and Institutional Relations at the US’ Faculty of Psychology. Her...
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Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance


  • Universidad de Sevilla

    University, Sevilla, Spain
    Assistant Professor


The role of contextual factors in the electoral resurgence of extreme right-wing forces in Spain: The case of Andalusia

Authors Ricardo Iglesias-Pascual, Virginia Paloma, Isabel Benítez
Year 2021
Journal Name Political Geography
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1 Journal Article

Determinants of Life Satisfaction of Economic Migrants Coming from Developing Countries to Countries with Very High Human Development: a Systematic Review

Authors Virginia Paloma, Isabel Benitez, Marta Escobar-Ballesta, ...
Year 2020
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2 Journal Article

A peer support and peer mentoring approach to enhancing resilience and empowerment among refugees settled in southern Spain

Authors Virginia Paloma, Irene Morena, Jana Sladkova, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Journal of Community Psychology
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3 Journal Article

Promoting posttraumatic growth among the refugee population in Spain: A community‐based pilot intervention

Authors Virginia Paloma, Irene Morena, Clara López‐Torres
Year 2020
Journal Name Health & Social Care in the Community
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4 Journal Article

Contextual factors and prejudice at the beginning of the migrant influx: The Moroccan case in Seville, Spain

Authors Ricardo Iglesias‐Pascual, Virginia Paloma, Manuel García‐Ramírez
Year 2019
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
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5 Journal Article

Salud sexual y reproductiva en mujeres gitanas: el programa de planificación familiar del Polígono Sur

Authors Marta Escobar-Ballesta, Manuel García-Ramírez, M.ª Jesús Albar-Marín, ...
Year 2019
Journal Name Gaceta Sanitaria
6 Journal Article

Sociopolitical Control for Immigrants: The Role of Receiving Local Contexts

Authors Virginia Paloma, Michela Lenzi, Nicola Furlanis, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name American Journal of Community Psychology
7 Journal Article

Effects of the community engagement of migrants on their well-being: The case of Moroccan leaders in southern Spain

Authors Elena Taurini, Virginia Paloma, Manuel García-Ramírez, ...
Year 2017
Journal Name Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community
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8 Journal Article

Well-Being and Social Justice Among Moroccan Migrants in Southern Spain

Authors Virginia Paloma, Manuel García-Ramírez, Carlos Camacho
Year 2014
Journal Name American Journal of Community Psychology
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9 Journal Article

A Case Study of Liberation Among Latino Immigrant Families Who Have Children with Disabilities

Authors Fabricio E. Balcazar, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Sandra Bibiana Adames, ...
Year 2012
Journal Name American Journal of Community Psychology
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10 Journal Article

A Liberation Psychology Approach to Acculturative Integration of Migrant Populations

Authors Manuel García-Ramírez, Manuel L. de la Mata, Virginia Paloma, ...
Year 2011
Journal Name American Journal of Community Psychology
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11 Journal Article

The Role of Organizations in Liberation Psychology: Applications to the Study of Migrations

Authors Virginia Paloma, Vicente Manzano-Arrondo
Year 2011
Journal Name Psychosocial Intervention
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12 Journal Article

Acculturative integration, self and citizenship construction: The experience of Amal-Andaluza, a grassroots organization of Moroccan women in Andalusia

Authors Virginia Paloma, , Manuel Garcia-Ramirez, ...
Year 2010
Journal Name International Journal of Intercultural Relations
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
13 Journal Article

Building International Collaborative Capacity: Contributions of Community Psychologists to a European Network

Authors Manuel García-Ramírez, Virginia Paloma, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, ...
Year 2009
Journal Name American Journal of Community Psychology
14 Journal Article

Psychopolitical Validation of Health Promotion Research for Migrant Populations: Conceptualising Well‐being among Andalusian Moroccan Immigrants

Authors Virginia Paloma, Isabel Herrera, Manuel García‐Ramírez
Year 2009
Journal Name International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care
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15 Journal Article

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