Study on EU Support for Integrated Border Management in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

Principal investigator Borut Erzen (Project Coordinator), Alina Cibea (Project Team Member)
The Research Team is supporting the Border Management and Visa Team in implementing the Study on EU Support for Integrated Management in the Latin American and Caribbean Region. Objective: The project aims to support the European Commission Directorate DEVCO G and other relevant EU services in preparing possible future EU assistance to the development of integrated border management in the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) region. Summary: Specifically, the project will carry out an independent study on the main characteristics (general features, strengths and weaknesses) and needs of the border management systems in the LAC region, as well as of the support provided so far in this area by the EU and other relevant donors. It will also provide a set of concrete recommendations on the objectives and types of activities that could be envisaged by the EU in terms of possible future support in this area in the LAC region. This support would address, in particular, the regional/sub-regional level under the DCI and also cover an analysis on possible implementation options.
Year 2012

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Migration governance
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