EU-India Bilateral Remittances

Authors Chinmay TUMBE
A hundred years ago, during colonial times, more than a hundred thousand migrants from Britain and Ireland worked in India, mostly as soldiers and administrators. In contrast, only around 4,000 Indians lived in Britain: 1,000 students and 2,500 persons working in navigation related activities. As a result, European countries were net recipients of migrants’ remittances from India. A century later, nearly a million emigrants from India live in the countries of the European Union (EU) and less than 10,000 EU expatriates work in India, making India a net recipient of migrants’ remittances from the EU. Considering the significantly large Indian emigrant base in the EU, few questions that emerge are: How much money flows from the EU to India by way of migrants’ remittances? What part of emigrant capital flows are sourced from the EU? And what are the country shares of these remittance flows? This paper attempts to address these questions basing its analysis on data compiled from numerous reports published by the Reserve Bank of India over the last three decades.
Year 2012

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Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
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