Attracting Highly Skilled Migrants: US experience and lessons for the EU

Authors Philip MARTIN
This paper examines the opportunities and challenges involved in attracting highly skilled Indian migrants to EU countries by examining US policies to attract highly skilled Indian and other migrants. The paper also outlines the policies regulating the entry of high-skilled workers into Germany and the UK. These policies have changed recently, making assessment difficult. The paper has four sections. The first reviews definitions of and data on the number and distribution of highly skilled workers. Section two summarizes US policies to admit highly skilled foreigners as immigrants and temporary visitors, emphasizing that many of those who wind up as highly skilled US immigrants enter as students or guest workers and become settler immigrants after being sponsored by a US employer or marrying a US citizen or immigrant. Section three outlines the admissions channels open to highly skilled Indians and other non-EU foreigners in Germany and the UK, while section four provides conclusions and recommendations.
Year 2012

Taxonomy Associations

Migration processes
Migration governance
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