An overview of integration policies in Belgium

Authors Jérémy MANDIN
The objective of the paper is to provide a brief review of Belgian migrants integration policies and actors. Three issues are addressed in this paper: the question of public discourses and the political agenda on integration in Belgium; the question of the structuring of integration policies in the country; and finally the question of non-state actors and integration policies and practices. Because integration is also a competence of subnational entities of the Belgian federal State, differences appear between integration conception and policies in Flanders (combining multiculturalist and more assimilationist stances) (Jacobs 2004), in the French community (more influenced by the French assimilationist approach), and in Brussels. However, several trends like the focus on language and socio-professional integration seems to be present in both Flemish- and French-speaking communities even if the policies to achieve those objectives are different. Finally, the paper will try to show the diversity of actors involved in integration practices in Belgium and more specifically the importance of local actors (cities, local associations, migrant associations, etc.).
Year 2014

Taxonomy Associations

Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
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