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Kaczmarczyk, Pawel

Pawel Kaczmarczyk

Paweł Kaczmarczyk is director of the Centre of Migration Research at the University of Warsaw and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. His main research areas include causes and consequences of labour migration, mobility of the high-skilled, migration and...
1423 Poland
Gois, Pedro

Pedro Gois

Pedro Góis is a Professor in Sociology and Methodology at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra, and a Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES). Undergraduate degree in Sociology, masters and PhD in Sociology. He is an expert in sociology of migration and quantitative methodologies....
1424 Portugal
Oiarzabal, Pedro J.

Pedro J. Oiarzabal

Pedro J. Oiarzabal was born and raised in Bilbao and has spent much of his life between the Basque Country, Ireland and the United States. He holds a PhD in Basque Studies-Political Science from the University of Nevada, Reno, a MPhil in Economics and Social Sciences from Queen's University of Belfast...
1425 Spain
Sousa, Pedro Ponte e

Pedro Ponte e Sousa

Pedro Ponte e Sousa is a PhD candidate in Global Studies at the Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon (Portugal), since 2015. He is also researcher of the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI) since 2016. In his PhD thesis...
1426 Portugal
Jiang FRSA, Pengbo

Pengbo Jiang FRSA

Tēnā koutou, my name is Pengbo Jiang. I have extensive experience in providing immigration advice and in the management of large scale migration & mobility programs. I am also an active contributor and presenter at a range of HR, mobility and related conferences.
1428 United Kingdom
De Cuyper, Peter

Peter De Cuyper

Peter is research manager at the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA) at the university of Leuven and responsible for the migration & integration research unit. His main research domains are labour market integration of migrants, integration policies and (migrant) mentoring.
1429 Belgium
Scholten, Peter

Peter Scholten

Prof.dr. P.W.A. (Peter) Scholten is Professor in the Governance of Migration and Diversity at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His research focuses on amongst others on the governance of migration and migration-related diversity, multi-level governance, comparative public policy, and the relationship...
1430 International
Aigner, Petra

Petra Aigner

Petra Aigner is Associate Professor at the Institute of Sociology, Department of Empirical Social Research (AES), at Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Linz (Austria). Her research interests relate to migration studies, specifically integration processes, labour market integration, ethnic entrepreneurship,...
1431 Ireland
Sidler, Petra

Petra Sidler

I have an interdisciplinary background in Studies of Societies, Cultures, and Religions, and in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy. After having worked on land grabbing in Ethiopia and on the moral right of states to exclude human beings from territory and membership, in my doctoral thesis I now...
1432 Switzerland
Krasnić, Petra Kim

Petra Kim Krasnić

Main research interests: migration studies, migration policies and practices, social and cultural history, social relationships, integration-assimilation, ethnic and social identity, oral history, migrants' correspondence and communication systems, human rights. Currently working on Russian emigration...
1433 Slovenia
Martin, Phil

Phil Martin

My research interests centre around the implications of factors such as work, migration and poverty on ideas of citizenship, participation and identity, particularly for communities and made vulnerable by mainstream polity and system organisation. i have a particular focus on communituies of Roma heritage...
1435 United Kingdom
Lutz, Philipp

Philipp Lutz

I'm a a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and a Fellow of the Swiss national science program nccr on the move. In 2019, I have obtained my PhD in Political Science from University of Bern. My main...
1437 Switzerland
Schäfer, Philipp

Philipp Schäfer

I am a member of the interdisciplinary research group "The Production of Knowledge on Migration" at the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS), University of Osnabrueck, Germany, and a PhD candidate at the Cluster of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration" at the University...
1438 Germany
Brunner-Heywood, Philippa

Philippa Brunner-Heywood

Philippa Brunner-Heywood is a PhD student in Sociology of Education and Culture at Uppsala University within the graduate school 'Education, Learning and Globalization' , a collaboration between Uppsala, Malmö and Södertörn universities. Her thesis works to uncover the structure of the education labour...
1439 Sweden
Thebe, Phillip

Phillip Thebe

Phillip Thebe is a PhD fellow in Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a development studies researcher specializing in globalization and migration. He has published a number of academic articles, presented in several conferences, and has wide research experience in Africa, Europe and...
1440 Hong Kong
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