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Ögtem-Young, Özlem

Özlem Ögtem-Young

Özlem is a Research Fellow and Research Lead for the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) within the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology at the University of Birmingham, developing and undertaking research into issues of poverty, precarity and financial insecurity...
1381 United Kingdom
Rojas Coppari, Pablo

Pablo Rojas Coppari

Migration Expert with an extensive practitioner and researcher experience spanning over ten years in academia, national and international civil society, government administration and intergovernmental organizations, specialized in migration & asylum policy and research, governance, international development...
1383 Poland
Siyanga Knudsen, Paddy

Paddy Siyanga Knudsen

Paddy is a Zambian national with over 16 years of professional experience as a Development Economist and Migration governance expert. Her work covers regional integration and governance. Her experience includes supporting NGOs, governments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) as well as UN agencies...
1384 Zambia
Storm, Palle

Palle Storm

My name is Palle Storm and hold a post-doc fellowship at the Department of Social Work: Stockholm University. I defended my PhD- thesis "Gender and skin-color in the everyday life of nursing homes: the impact of organizational conditions. During 2021-2023 I hold a post-doc position at Stockholm University:...
Degani, Paola

Paola Degani

PAOLA DEGANI University of Padova, Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies (SPGI) Via del Santo 2835100 Padova Tel +39 049 8274086 Human Rights Centre, Via Martiri della Libertà, 2 35137 Padova Tel +39 049 8271810 Fax +39 049 8271816 Education...
1387 Italy
Regina, Paola

Paola Regina

I am a qualified European lawyer, specialized in International law at the University of Milan, at the University of Strasbourg and at Sorbonne University in Paris. Human rights defender, graduated at the International Institute of human rights, at the Global Campus for human rights, at the Union of...
1388 Italy
Ruspini, Paolo

Paolo Ruspini

Paolo Ruspini (MA Pol. Sci., PhD, Milan) has been researching international and European migration and integration since 1997 with a comparative approach and by drawing on mixed methods. He is currently Associate Researcher at the Institute of Sociological Research (IRS), Geneva School of Social Science,...
1389 Italy
Velásquez, Paolo

Paolo Velásquez

Ph.D candidate in Sociology, Umeå University.
1390 Sweden
Raghuram, Parvati

Parvati Raghuram

Parvati Raghuram is Professor in Geography and Migration at the Open University. She has published widely on retheorising migration of international students, skilled migrants and that of care-workers. She has primarily worked on India but is also currently involved in several projects on migration within...
1391 United Kingdom
Saukkonen, Pasi Tapani

Pasi Tapani Saukkonen

Pasi Saukkonen is a political scientist working currently at the City of Helsinki Urban Facts. Previously he has been employed as Senior Researcher and as the Director of The Finnish Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore) and in different positions at the University of Helsinki. He holds an...
1392 Finland
Mindus, Patricia

Patricia Mindus

Patricia Mindus is a legal and political philosopher at Uppsala University, Sweden. She has an interest in legal realism, democratic theory and migration. Signature contributions include the functionalist theory of citizenship and the theory of migration as institutional fact. Previously Wallenberg Academy...
1395 Sweden
Nabuco Martuscelli, Patricia

Patricia Nabuco Martuscelli

I am aPh.D. in Political Science at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. My research interests are child migration, children involved in armed conflicts, and migration and asylum policies. . I have a BA and an MA in International Relations at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil. I was an...
1396 United Kingdom
Hierofani, Patricia Yocie

Patricia Yocie Hierofani

I'm a researcher at Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University. I am currently leading a project on home care for elderly immigrants by their relatives in Sweden and a literature review project on working conditions of eldercare workers. Previous researches included working conditions...
1397 Sweden
Rinaldi, Patrizia

Patrizia Rinaldi

PhD (Cum Laude) in Migration Studies. Patrizia is an expert in contemporary international migration, with special interest in the migration of unaccompanied minors. She is part of the Institute for Migration Research, University of Granada. Her PhD thesis was: "Unaccompanied Migrant Minors in Spain and...
1399 Spain
Ziółkowska, Patrycja

Patrycja Ziółkowska

Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Warsaw, with a master’s degree in Psychology. Her studies and interests focus on intergroup relations and attitudes, inequality and inclusion, as well as on pro-social activism and (sense of) agency.
1400 Poland
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