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Röder, Antje

Antje Röder

Antje Röder is Professor of Methods of Social Research at Philipps-Universität Marburg. Her main research interests are migration and international mobility, with particular focus on the economic, social and cultural integration of migrants in Europe. Recent research includes the Irish Research Council...
81 Germany
Roblain, Antoine

Antoine Roblain

Postdoctoral Fellow – Center for Social & Cultural Psychology – ULB, Belgium
Ahlén, Anton

Anton Ahlén

PhD candidate in Political Science at Uppsala University. My research interests mainly concern international migration and comparative migration policy. In my dissertation I focus specifically on variations in family immigration policy across countries.
83 Sweden
Ricci, Antonio

Antonio Ricci

Antonio Ricci is Deputy President of the Italian Study and Research Centre IDOS ( Expert on international migrations, after having obtained his PhD in “History of Europe: cultural roots and international policy” at University Sapienza of Rome (2004), he was the Project Manager...
Midtbøen, Arnfinn

Arnfinn Midtbøen

Arnfinn H. Midtbøen is an Associate Professor in sociology at the University of Oslo and a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research, also in Oslo. Midtbøen's research interests center on immigration and integration, including topics such as employment discrimination, citizenship, descendants...
Bodini, Astrid

Astrid Bodini

I am a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). I hold a BA in Political Science and International Relations (University of Pavia), and a MA in Modern Middle East Studies (Leiden University). My research project investigates the coexistence of...
Mattes, Astrid

Astrid Mattes

Astrid Mattes works as a postdoctoral migration researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and lectures at the Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck.
Pisarevskaya, Asya

Asya Pisarevskaya

Asya Pisarevskaya is an Assistant Professor of Migration and Diversity at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently she studies migration-related diversities and modes of governance in European cities within the project “Cities of Migration”. Also, she investigates the development of migration studies...
90 Netherlands
Fourot, Aude-Claire

Aude-Claire Fourot

Political science professor Aude-Claire Fourot is deeply interested in how a city’s public policies can impact immigration resettlement. She also works with local communities to explore how settlement issues relating to ethnic and religious diversity, in turn, shape local public policy.
Flipo, Aurore

Aurore Flipo

Currently a researcher at ENTPE (University of Lyon) and associate researcher at PACTE (University of Grenoble), I hold a PhD in Sociology from Sciences-Po (Paris) that I completed in 2014 on intra-European migration. After my PhD, I have continued to research mobility and especially the links and interactions...
Astor, Avi

Avi Astor

PhD Sociology, University of Michigan (2011) Ramón y Cajal Researcher, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (current)
94 Spain
Kaya, Ayhan

Ayhan Kaya

Ayhan Kaya is Professor of Politics and Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism at the Department of International Relations, Istanbul Bilgi University; Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence; and a member of the Science Academy, Turkey. He is currently European Research...


Ayla Deniz is a member of the Geography Department at Ankara University (Turkey). She received her PhD in 2018. During her PhD studies, she worked as a visiting researcher in several universities including the University of Oxford and the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on the intersection...
Yıldız, Ayselin

Ayselin Yıldız

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ayselin YILDIZ holds UNESCO Chair on International Migration at Yasar University (Izmir/Turkey). She is also the committee member at UNESCO Turkey Management of Social Transformations (MOST) and Migration Group. Her research and publications focus on border management, externalization,...
Jancewicz, Barbara

Barbara Jancewicz

I am currently (2020) working at the Centre of Migration Research as a head of Economics of Migration Research Unit. Previously I was working in a project "The impact of wealth formation by economic migrants on their mobility and integration: Polish migrants in countries of the European Community and...
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