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venturini, alessandra

alessandra venturini

Alessandra Venturini is full professor at the University of Turin, holder of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Migration Studies and president of the Diploma in Migration Studies at the University of Turin and Associate and former Deputy director of the Migration...
62 Italy
Forina, Alessandro

Alessandro Forina

I am Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Social Anthropology and Social Psychology of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and in the Department of Social Anthropology and Spanish Philosophical Thought of the Faculty of Philosophy...
63 Spain
Mazzola, Alessandro

Alessandro Mazzola

Alessandro Mazzola is a post-doc researcher at CEDEM. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Liège with a NON-FRIA scholarship. He also works as a post-doc researcher at the Group for research on Ethnic Relations, Migration and Equality (GERME) at the Free University...
64 Belgium
Fernández de la Reguera, Alethia

Alethia Fernández de la Reguera

Dr. Alethia Fernández de la Reguera Ahedo is a full time researcher at the Institute of Legal Research of UNAM and Coordinator of the National Diversities Laboratory of UNAM and of the institutional research track: Rights, Migrations and Mobilities. In 2021 she received the National University Distinction...
67 Mexico
Kustov, Alexander

Alexander Kustov

Alexander Kustov is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Political Administration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research focuses on public and policy responses to immigration and ethnic conflict in high-income countries. His book project "Borders of Compassion" examines...
69 United States
Bucur, Alexandra

Alexandra Bucur

Sociologist | Marketer - Master of Arts Honours in Sociology and Master of Science in Marketing Management, alumni of the University of Aberdeen. PhD completion dependent on research climate and opportunities. Currently working full-time as a civil servant for the UK Gov. and conducting independent...
Castro Franco, Alexandra

Alexandra Castro Franco

Colombian lawyer with a PhD in law from the University Paris 2, Panthéon Assas. Expert in migrations and human rights with more than 10 years experience working as professor researcher. My researches focus on the governance of migrations in the global south, the administration of migrations in Latin...
73 Colombia
David, Alexandra

Alexandra David

Communication science studies at the University Duisburg-Essen and economic studies at the Distant University in Hagen. Since 2006 researcher at the Institute for Work and Technology, Westphalian University and part of the research department ‘Innovation, Space & Culture’. Here, she leads the thematic...
74 Germany
Pereira, Alexandra

Alexandra Pereira

Alexandra Pereira, Postdoc Research Fellow in Integral Human Development (IHD) at CADOS, Portuguese Catholic University (UCP). PhD by ISEG - University of Lisbon with a thesis entitled "Transborder Himalaya - Processes of Transnationalism Among Nepalese Entrepreneurs and Workers in Lisbon" (2019) and...
75 Portugal
Bish, Alexandre

Alexandre Bish

Alex Bish is an independent researcher specialising on migration, conflict, and crime dynamics in West and North Africa. Over the past seven years, Alex has conducted in-depth fieldwork across West Africa and supervised field networks of key informants in both government and hard-to-reach groups, including...
77 Nigeria
Zlatar, Alexandria

Alexandria Zlatar

Ally Zlatar is the founder of The Starving Artist which is an artist initiative that helps broaden perspectives on Eating Disorders and Mental Illness through the artistic voice. Her "This Body of Mine" campaign explores the female migrant experiences from displaced backgrounds and has helped support...


My scholarship interrogates the significance of social categories as they mediate myriad opportunities and constraints in the everyday lives of immigrants and ethnoracial minorities. I utilize diverse methodologies, data sources, and theoretical perspectives to investigate how ascriptive social categories...
80 United States
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