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Alan, Akife

Akife Alan

METU-Sociology 2013 Ankara University- MA-Migration Studies 2023
43 Turkey
Ullah, Akm Ahsan

Akm Ahsan Ullah

Associate Professor of Migration Studies, Geography, Environment and Development. // Research Cluster Leader: Migration, Diaspora and Globalization //
Kraler, Albert

Albert Kraler

I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Migration and Globalisation at Danube University, Krems, which I joined in September 2018. Previously, I worked as a senior researcher at ICMPD`s research department, and between 2011 and 2015, also led the research departmen. A political scientist and Africanist...
45 Austria


Philosopher and doctoral student in political philosophy at the University of Antioquia, with master's studies in government and public policy at the EAFIT University. Topics of interest: Latin American migration (Venezuela, Haiti, Northern Triangle); studies on migratory securitization, transformation...
47 Colombia
Goldberg, Alejandro

Alejandro Goldberg

I’m a Social Anthropologist from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). I have a Master in Medical Anthropology, and a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology specializing in Medical Anthropology, from the University of Rovira and Virgili (Spain). The title of my research thesis was: “TO BE AN INMIGRANT...
48 Argentina
Miranda-Nieto, Alejandro

Alejandro Miranda-Nieto

Alejandro Miranda-Nieto is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Diversity Studies Centre Oslo, Oslo Metropolitan University. His current research looks at the sense of home and dynamics of integration among migrant professionals in Oslo. He is the author of academic articles on mobilities, home, migration,...
49 Norway
Salamanca Rodríguez, Alejandro

Alejandro Salamanca Rodríguez

Historian of migration and Middle Eastern Studies. 2020: PhD in History and Civilization, European University Institute (EUI), Florence 2017-2019: European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) 2014-2015: MSc Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh
50 Italy
Grigoryan, Aleksandr

Aleksandr Grigoryan

I am an Associate Professor at the American University of Armenia. I have a PhD in Economics from the University of Turin and Master in Economics from the Institute for Advanced Studies (Vienna). My research covers a wide range of development topics, such as migration, poverty, micro-finance, gender...
51 Armenia
Filatova, Aleksandra

Aleksandra Filatova

Focus in my research on the transnational role of the diaspora for the development of small towns in Kyrgyzstan. Political participation of diaspora. I use visual language to indicate the common language of groups, group culture in social movements. Visual art for understanding social processes and...
53 Kyrgyzstan
Jolkina, Aleksandra

Aleksandra Jolkina

Aleksandra Jolkina holds a PhD in Law from Queen Mary University of London. Her main research interests include EU citizenship, EU free movement rights, family reunification, as well as European and comparative migration and nationality law. Her dissertation examined the concept of marriages of convenience...
54 United Kingdom
Lewicki, Aleksandra

Aleksandra Lewicki

Aleksandra Lewicki is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology, a Member of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS). Her work investigates structural inequalities in post-colonial Europe. Her main research areas are: institutional...
55 United Kingdom
Winiarska, Aleksandra

Aleksandra Winiarska

I'm a sociologist and interculturalist. I work as assisstant professor at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw. I'm an associated researcher at the Centre for Migration Research, University of Warsaw and vice-chair of the Sociology of Migration Section of the Polish Sociological...
57 Poland
venturini, alessandra

alessandra venturini

Alessandra Venturini is full professor at the University of Turin, holder of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Migration Studies and president of the Diploma in Migration Studies at the University of Turin and Associate and former Deputy director of the Migration...
59 Italy
Forina, Alessandro

Alessandro Forina

I am Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Social Anthropology and Social Psychology of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and in the Department of Social Anthropology and Spanish Philosophical Thought of the Faculty of Philosophy...
60 Spain
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