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Levy, Nathan

Nathan Levy

Nathan Levy is a PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam, studying research-policy dialogues on migration and migration-related diversity.
Netz, Nicolai

Nicolai Netz

2018: Dr. phil. in Sociology, University of Hanover / 2007 - 2008: M. Sc. in Public Policy and Human Development, Maastricht University / 2004 - 2007: B.A. and Laurea Triennale (modern languages, cultural science, political science, and economics), Universities of Bonn and Florence
423 Germany
Ahmetasevic, Nidzara

Nidzara Ahmetasevic

Journalist and independent researcher from Bosnia and Herzegovina. since 2015, present at the so-called Balkan Route, from Greece to Slovenia. Since October 2015, until May 2019, coordinator for the Are You Syrious? Info Team, a self-organized group that provided daily information about and for the people...
Xypolytas, Nikos

Nikos Xypolytas

Nikos Xypolytas is a sociologist focusing on migration and labour. His research interests highlight the importance of low-status work for migrant exclusion. The result of this research is the elaboration of a theoretical scheme that approaches migrant exclusion in a holistic manner by identifying different...
Witte, Nils

Nils Witte

Nils Witte is Research Fellow at the Federal Institute for Population Research, Germany. He works for the German Emigration and Remigration Panel Study. His research interests include migration & labour markets, ethnic boundaries, and research methods.
Conkova, Nina

Nina Conkova

I am a social science researcher working at the nexus of human geography, demography and sociology. Main topics of interest include older migrants and their well-being, regional differences in ageing, social networks and support, and social solidarity. In the past I have looked at the case of Bulgarian...
428 Netherlands
Gren, Nina

Nina Gren

My research interests are mainly within the anthropology of migration, with a special focus on refugees and diasporic practices. I am also interested in social memory, gender and home in relation to violent political conflict and flight. My most recent research focuses on the encounters between newly...
Mollerup, Nina Grønlykke Grønlykke

Nina Grønlykke Grønlykke Mollerup

My research revolves around media and their role in societal changes, particularly in the context of conflict and repression with a focus on the disenfranchised and actors who challenge the status quo. I am specialised in the Middle East and have conducted ethnographic fieldworks in Egypt, Syria and...
430 Denmark
Andersen, Nina Trige

Nina Trige Andersen

Nina Trige Andersen is a journalist and historian (MA from Roskilde University, Denmark) affiliated with the Society for Labour History (SFAH) in Denmark. She has published on migration, labour, labour organizing, and women’s work in academic journals, magazines and newspapers. She is the author of 'Labor...
Kholmatova, Nodira

Nodira Kholmatova

Nodira Kholmatova is a Doctoral Researcher in the Social and Political Sciences Department with a specialization in Sociology at European University Institute. She is interested in labor migration, gender, and migration governance studies. Her research area includes former Soviet Union countries and...
432 Italy
Salazar, Noel B.

Noel B. Salazar

Noel B. Salazar is a social and cultural anthropologist with expertise in border-crossing (im)mobilities. He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Indonesia, Tanzania, Chile and Belgium. More information, including publications, is available at
Garcia Arjona, Noemi

Noemi Garcia Arjona

Lecturer at the University of Rennes 2 (France) Faculty of Sports Sciences
434 France
Wong, Norma

Norma Wong

I have earned my PhD from the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong in 2015 With the doctoral thesis "The Management Strategies of Advocacy-oriented Social Service Nonprofit Organisations in Hong Kong". Prior to this, I have a Masters in Public Policy from the University...
Jorgensen, Nuni

Nuni Jorgensen

Geography PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, working on international migration and family dynamics in South America. Prior to that, has acted as Population Data and Research advisor at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) where was responsible for operational research, needs-assessments, and...
Ferreira, Nuno

Nuno Ferreira

Nuno joined the University of Sussex as a Professor of Law in 2016. Previously, he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool (2012-2016) and Lecturer at the University of Manchester (2006-2012). He has also been a Visiting Professor at Wuhan University (China) and the School of Law of the...
Tawodzera, Obert

Obert Tawodzera

Obert is a PhD student in the Department of Sociological Studies, The University of Sheffield. He completed his BA and MRes in Social Policy at the University of York UK. Obert's PhD focuses on the role of new technologies in mediating long distance aged care relationships between UK based migrants...
439 United Kingdom
G. El-Taliawi, Ola

Ola G. El-Taliawi

Ola G. El-Taliawi is a Postdoctoral Researcher and a Scholar Affiliate of the Columbia Center for Middle East Studies. She holds a PhD degree from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from the American University...
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