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lawal, olawale

olawale lawal

Dr Olawale Lawal holds a PhD degree in Political Science from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria's premiere University. He worked with the Royal Netherlands Embassy from 1997-2005 before joining the Department of History and International Studies, Lagos State University from 2005 to date He is a senior...
Tkach, Olga

Olga Tkach

Adjunct Professor Olga Tkach is a senior researcher at the Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR), St. Petersburg, Russia. She defended her PhD in Sociology in 2008, and in 2018, she was awarded the title of docent by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Finland, with a specialization in migration...
Usachova, Olga

Olga Usachova

I am a doctoral candidate in Social Sciences: Interactions, Communication, Cultural Constructions, at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA), University of Padua, Italy. My research interests focus on the impact of digital technology on the process of the...
Yates, Olivia

Olivia Yates

My research is action-oriented, primarily informed by social and community psychology approaches. It addresses the socio-structural causes of injustice relating to climate change, racism, immigration, and the nexus between the three. Currently, my PhD research, through the University of Auckland, is...
Prieto-Flores, Òscar

Òscar Prieto-Flores

Òscar Prieto-Flores is an associate professor at the University of Girona. Ph.D. in Sociology and was Visiting Scholar in 2006 of the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton University; the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University (2012) and the Center for...
Balkan, Osman

Osman Balkan

Osman Balkan is a Visiting Assistant Professor Department of Political Science at Swarthmore College. He received his B.A. from Reed College and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. His research and teaching interests include the politics of migration and citizenship, transnationalism and diasporas,...
Wahlbeck, Östen

Östen Wahlbeck

Östen Wahlbeck holds a PhD in Ethnic Relations from the University of Warwick, UK (1997) and the Title of Docent in Sociology from the University of Tampere, Finland (2006) . He has worked as Professor of Sociology at the Åbo Akademi University, Finland, Professor of Human Rights and Multiculturalism...
Simina, Ovidiu Laurian

Ovidiu Laurian Simina

Dr Simina is currently coordinating the work of Timisoara Centre for Migration and Mobility Studies (SISEC) located in Timisoara, Romania, the research centre which continued the migration related activity of the former Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence - part of the School of High Comparative...
451 Romania
Bilgili, Özge

Özge Bilgili

Dr. Özge Bilgili is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Utrecht University. She has been awarded as a Thomas J. Alexander fellow at the Education and Skills Department of the OECD and is currently working as an associated researcher for the Strength through Diversity...
Rojas Coppari, Pablo

Pablo Rojas Coppari

Migration Expert with an extensive practitioner and researcher experience spanning over ten years in academia, national and international civil society, government administration and intergovernmental organizations, specialized in migration & asylum policy and research, governance, international development...
Ruspini, Paolo

Paolo Ruspini

Paolo Ruspini (MA Pol. Sci., PhD, Milan) has been researching international and European migration and integration since 1997 with a comparative approach and by drawing on mixed methods. He is currently Associate Researcher at the Institute of Sociological Research (IRS), Geneva School of Social Science,...
Velásquez, Paolo

Paolo Velásquez

Ph.D candidate in Sociology, Umeå University.
Raghuram, Parvati

Parvati Raghuram

Parvati Raghuram is Professor in Geography and Migration at the Open University. She has published widely on retheorising migration of international students, skilled migrants and that of care-workers. She has primarily worked on India but is also currently involved in several projects on migration within...
456 United Kingdom
Saukkonen, Pasi Tapani

Pasi Tapani Saukkonen

Pasi Saukkonen is a political scientist working currently at the City of Helsinki Urban Facts. Previously he has been employed as Senior Researcher and as the Director of The Finnish Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore) and in different positions at the University of Helsinki. He holds an...
457 Finland
Mindus, Patricia

Patricia Mindus

Patricia Mindus is a legal and political philosopher at Uppsala University, Sweden. She has an interest in legal realism, democratic theory and migration. Signature contributions include the functionalist theory of citizenship and the theory of migration as institutional fact. Previously Wallenberg Academy...
Nabuco Martuscelli, Patricia

Patricia Nabuco Martuscelli

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. My research interests are child migration, children involved in armed conflicts, and migration and asylum policies. . I have a BA and an MA in International Relations at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil....
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