McGarrigle, Jennifer


Jennifer McGarrigle holds a PhD in Urban Studies from the University of Glasgow, UK. She is a researcher in the Centre of Geographical Studies (CEG) and an Assistant Professor of Human Geography in the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) at the Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. Her research interests cover international migration, migrant integration and urban change.
Migration Reasearch Hub ID: 1599


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)


  • Universidade de Lisboa

    Other, Lisboa, Portugal
    Assisstant Professor

  • Universidade de Lisboa

    Other, Lisboa, Portugal
    FCT Researcher Programa Ciência 2007/2012


What motivates international homebuyers? Investor to lifestyle 'migrants' in a tourist city

Authors Joaquim Montezuma, Jennifer McGarrigle
Year 2019
Journal Name Tourism Geographies
1 Journal Article

The Socio-spatial Configuration of Muslims in Lisbon

Year 2019
Book Title Muslims at the Margins of Europe
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
2 Book Chapter

Emplaced mobilities: Lisbon as a translocality in the migration journeys of Punjabi Sikhs to Europe

Authors Jennifer McGarrigle, Eduardo Ascensao
Year 2018
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
3 Journal Article

Islam in urban spaces: The residential incorporation and choices of Muslims in Lisbon

Authors Jennifer McGarrigle
Year 2016
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Citations (WoS) 7
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4 Journal Article

Living Apart? Place, Identity and South Asian Residential Choice

Authors Jennifer Mcgarrigle, Ade Kearns
Year 2009
Journal Name Housing Studies
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
5 Journal Article

Segregation, Urban

Authors R. Atkinson, J. McGarrigle
Year 2009
Book Title International Encyclopedia of Human Geography
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
6 Book Chapter

Navigating Urban Life in Lisbon: A Study of Migrants’ Mobilities and Use of Space

Authors Franz Buhr, Jennifer McGarrigle
Year 2017
Journal Name Social Inclusion
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
7 Journal Article

Modes of neighbourhood embeddedness in three multi-ethnic neighbourhoods in Lisbon. An exploratory analysis

Authors Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Jennifer McGarrigle
Year 2014
Journal Name Finisterra
Taxonomy View Taxonomy Associations
8 Journal Article

The Economic Crisis as a Feedback-Generating Mechanism? Brazilian and Ukrainian Migration to Portugal

Authors Alina Esteves, Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Jennifer McGarrigle
Book Title Beyond Networks
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9 Book Chapter

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