Situation of human rights in Cambodia note

Authors Peter Leuprecht, UN. Secretary-General, UN. Special Representative on the Situation of Human Rights in Cambodia
Transmits report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Human Rights in Cambodia, Peter Leuprecht, pursuant to General Assembly resolution 57/225 of 18 Dec. 2002. Reports on major developments during the period Jan.-July 2003. Gives an account of the Special Representative's 8th and 9th missions to Cambodia and provides details on: i) general political climate and the 2003 National Assembly elections; ii) administration of justice; iii) compliance with international human rights obligations; iv) justice sector and accountability; v) land and forestry issues; vi) economic and social rights; vii) Khmer Rouge trials; and viii) refugees and asylum-seekers. Presents recommendations.
Year 2003

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Migration processes
Migration governance
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