Reaching out : the external dimension of the EU’s migration policy : a comparative study on India and Australia

Authors Katharina EISELE, Anja WIESBROCK
This paper seeks to examine the external dimension of the EU’s migration policy by concentrating, first, on the EU’s legal framework in the area of migration followed by an analysis of the policy developments under the GAMM. In a second step, this paper depicts the EU relations with India and Australia, respectively, in terms of migration matters with a view to explore how the EU has defined its current positions towards these two third countries in form of a comparative case study. India and Australia have been selected for an analysis because the migration flows prevailing in each state vary and the level of economic development differs notably. While Australia has always been an immigration country and maintains traditional ties with the European continent, India has only recently emerged as a major country of emigration to the EU. Yet, the EU constitutes a major partner for both countries. Finally, some conclusive remarks are made on the diverging migration rules for third-country nationals from India and Australia.
Year 2013

Taxonomy Associations

Migration processes
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