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Dudu, Selda

Selda Dudu

PhD in Sociology at the University of Seville in Spain. Wrote her PhD thesis on the role of labour market determinants over the migration of Turkish nationals to the European Union by comparing the labour market policies of Denmark, Germany, the UK, Spain and Estonia, as well Turkey and the EU. Expert...
1883 Spain
Subaşı, Selen

Selen Subaşı

Selen Subasi is a PhD candidate in Educational Sciences at the University of Szeged. Her research interests are the education of minorities and refugees, lifelong learning, non-formal education and women’s education. Her master's thesis focused on the education of the Roma minority in Hungary. She is...
1884 Hungary
Buz, Sema

Sema Buz

Sema Buz is a professor at Hacettepe University Department of Social Work. She is also director of Hacettepe University Migration and Politics Research Center (HUGO). She completed her MA and PhD thesis about asylum seekers in Turkey. She have publications related women an migration, integration of refugees,...
1886 Turkey
Sözeri, Semiha

Semiha Sözeri

I am an Assistant Professor of Development and Education in Inclusive Societies at Utrecht University. I am studying interventions countering polarization in education, and educational cooperation initiatives between mosques, schools and youth care institutions sharing a student population in multiethnic...
1887 Netherlands
Li, Sen

Sen Li

I am currently a PhD candidate in Geography and Resource Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
1888 China
Shubin, Sergei

Sergei Shubin

I am a Professor in Geography and Director of the Centre of Migration Policy Research at Swansea University, one of the UK’s centres of migration studies. I have published on a wide range of migration-related topics including migrant subjectivities, transnational care and relation, time and temporality...
1889 United Kingdom
Adebayo, Seun

Seun Adebayo

Seun B. Adebayo is currently a PhD Researcher, Research Supervisor and Graduate Teaching Fellow at the School of Education, University of Galway, Ireland. His PhD study on developing teachers' pedagogies in culturally diverse Irish schools is fully funded by the Galway Doctoral Research Scholarship...
1891 Nigeria
Almasri, Shaddin

Shaddin Almasri

Shaddin Almasri is a Jordanian-American PhD candidate based in Krems, Austria. Her research interests are in aid policy, development, and refugee labor integration with a regional focus on the Middle East. Previously, she held research and advocacy roles at Oxfam in Jordan and at the WANA Institute,...
1895 Austria
Shoham, Shahar

Shahar Shoham

Shahar Shoham is a doctoral candidate in Global and Area Studies at the Institute for Asian and African Studies at Humboldt University of Berlin. Her ethnographic research focuses on work migration from Thailand to the agriculture sector in Israel, while addressing issues of return migration, migration...
1896 Germany
Damery, Shannon

Shannon Damery

Shannon Damery earned her PhD in December 2020 and has been a researcher in the CEDEM since 2013. Her manuscript is entitled, “At home 'outside': Young migrants aligning their 'home orbits' in the city of Brussels". She is currently a postdoctoral researcher on two international projects: The Horizion...
1897 Belgium
GOUPPY, Shannon

Shannon GOUPPY

Shannon Gouppy is a PhD Candidate at CEDEM, University of Liège (Belgium). She is currently working on a thesis entitled “Contemporary social and political mobilizations of minorities : any points of convergence? Ethnography of offline and online minority struggles in Belgium”, under the supervision...
1898 Belgium
Quinsaat, Sharon

Sharon Quinsaat

I am a scholar of social movements and migration and currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College, with affiliations in Peace and Conflict Studies and American Studies. My research to date reflects my intellectual and personal interest in understanding how foreign workers, immigrants,...
1899 United States
Ablay, Sheilamae

Sheilamae Ablay

1900 United States
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