Yang, Yiran


Yiran Yang is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment and iHub at Radboud University. She is also a researcher at Radboud University Network on Migration Inclusion (RUNOMI). Yiran did her PhD at Leiden University on prejudice among underrepresented ethnic children and some social-contextual factors they are exposed to, such as their parents, literature, and COVID-19. Her current research focus is on potential discrimination risks in artificial intelligence...


Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • Radboud University

    University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
    Postdocotal researcher


Perceived discrimination, ethnic identity, and ethnic-racial socialization in Chinese immigrant families before and after the COVID-19 outbreak: An exploratory natural experiment

Authors Yiran Yang, Rosanneke A.G. Emmen, Daudi van Veen, ...
Year 2022
Journal Name International Journal of Intercultural Relations
1 Journal Article

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