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    University, Trento, Italy


Irregular migration as a structural phenomenon

Authors M. Bommes, G. Sciortino
Year 2011
Book Title Foggy Social Structures: Irregular Migration, European Labour Markets and the Welfare State
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1 Book Chapter

Theorizing Irregular Migration: The Control of Spatial Mobility in Differentiated Societies

Authors Martina Cvajner, Giuseppe Sciortino
Year 2010
Journal Name European Journal of Social Theory
Citations (WoS) 41
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2 Journal Article

A tale of networks and policies: prolegomena to an analysis of irregular migration careers and their developmental paths

Authors Martina Cvajner, Giuseppe Sciortino
Year 2009
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
Citations (WoS) 25
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3 Journal Article

The Importance of Being Southern: The Making of Policies of Immigration Control in Italy

Authors Claudia Finotelli, Claudia Finotelli, Giuseppe Sciortino, ...
Year 2009
Journal Name European Journal of Migration and Law
Citations (WoS) 33
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4 Journal Article

Immigration into Europe and public policy: Do stops really work?

Authors Giuseppe Sciortino
Year 1991
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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5 Journal Article

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