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Weber, Ingmar

Ingmar Weber

Ingmar Weber is the research director of the Social Computing Group at the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). His interdisciplinary research looks at what online user-generated data can tell us about the offline world and society at large. Particular topics of interest include (i) monitoring...
Pavezi, Ingrid Berns

Ingrid Berns Pavezi

Ingrid Berns Pavezi is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Sociology, in Freiburg, Germany. Currently, she is also a doctoral research fellow at the Labor Migration Research Group and the Labor Europe and Europeanisation, at...
163 Germany


Filmmaker and researccher. Media, Film and Visual Culture PhD candidate, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid & University of Antwerp Research groups: Tecmerin (UC3M), ViDi (U.Antwerp)
164 Spain
Lashchuk, Iuliia

Iuliia Lashchuk

Iuliia Lashchuk is a researcher and curator interested in female migration, contemporary art and philosophy, working with the questions of identity, space, borders, nomadism and migrating art. Currently working in the research project "Cartographies of strangeness, otherness, and (ex)(in)clusion. The...
Markov, Ivaylo

Ivaylo Markov

Ivaylo Markov holds a doctoral degree in Ethnology from the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethographic Museum – BAS in Sofia (since 2011, PhD thesis “Contemporary Labour Migrations of Albanians from Macedonia”). Currently he is an Assistant Professor at the same institute, where he...
Grabowska, Izabela

Izabela Grabowska

Professor Izabela Grabowska is sociologist and economist; Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (SWPS University); elected Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (300 PhD students, 4 disciplines, 4 doctoral paths); leader of Mobility Research Group of SWPS...
Main, Izabella

Izabella Main

Employment: Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Adam Mickiewicz University. Research interests: Polish migration in Europe, migration and health, access to health care, medical anthropology, memory of communist Poland. Education: CEU, Budapest, Hungary.
169 Poland
Bijak, Jakub

Jakub Bijak

Jakub Bijak is Professor of Statistical Demography at the University of Southampton. He is a statistical demographer, with experience of working in academia and international civil service since 2001. His research focuses on demographic uncertainty, population and migration models and forecasts, and...
Coates, Jamie

Jamie Coates

My research focuses on Chinese migration to Japan and Sino-Japanese mobilities more broadly including media, tourism and international relations. I have a PhD in anthropology from the Australian National University, and was formerly co-convenor for the European Association for Social Anthropology, Anthropology...
171 United Kingdom
Rath, Jan

Jan Rath

Professor of Urban Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), researcher at the Center for Urban Studies and the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) in the same university. He is...
Brekke, Jan-Paul

Jan-Paul Brekke

Jan-Paul Brekke has his doctorate in sociology from the University of Oslo. His areas of interest include migration and refugee policies, migrant experience, secondary migration in Europe and the development of the European asylum regime.
174 Norway
Tucker, Jason

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker is a Senior Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University, Sweden. His research areas include statelessness, citizenship, forced migration and integration.
176 Netherlands
Tjaden, Jasper

Jasper Tjaden

Jasper Dag Tjaden holds a PhD in Quantitative Social Sciences from the University of Bamberg, Germany and a MA from the London School of Economics and Political Science. During his doctoral studies, he spent one year as a Fulbright scholar at the City University of New York, US, and the Minnesota Population...
Beaman, Jean

Jean Beaman

Jean Beaman is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She was previously on the faculty at Purdue University and has held visiting fellowships at Duke University and the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). Her research is ethnographic in nature...
Lafleur, Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel Lafleur

Jean-Michel Lafleur is Research Professor at the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Liège, Associate Director of CEDEM and a Research Associate at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (FRS-FNRS). His area of expertise includes immigrants' access to welfare, EU mobility and the political...
Cassarino, Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Cassarino

I hold a PhD in social and political sciences, awarded in 1998, by the European University Institute. Previously, I studied political science at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Aix-en-Provence where I specialized on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region while learning Arabic. I have lived...
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