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Mai, Nicola

Nicola Mai

My research straddles criminology sociology and anthropology and focuses on the experiences and representations of criminalised marginalised and stigmatised migrant groups. My work is qualitative and based on an ethnographic long term engagement with the people and communities with whom I undertake...
1621 United Kingdom
Netz, Nicolai

Nicolai Netz

2018: Dr. phil. in Sociology, University of Hanover / 2007 - 2008: M. Sc. in Public Policy and Human Development, Maastricht University / 2004 - 2007: B.A. and Laurea Triennale (modern languages, cultural science, political science, and economics), Universities of Bonn and Florence
1624 Germany
Caso, Nicolás

Nicolás Caso

I am a young researcher interested in how we can use quantitative data to understand and contribute to Human Development. Currently I am working as a Research Assistant at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, where I contribute to the development of two projects related to migration: MIGNEX and FUMI. FUMI...
1625 Norway
Fliess, Nicolas

Nicolas Fliess

Nicolas Fliess is a Postdoc at the Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) Munich at the Chair of Comparative Politics. He also is a collaborator to the MIGRADEMO project, based at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He is a trained political sociologist and holds a PhD in Migration Studies from...
1626 Germany
Dubus, Nicole

Nicole Dubus

I am a faculty member in the school of social work at San Jose State University in San Jose California. My research is on culturally-effective health and behavior health services for refugees and forced migrants.
1627 United States
Hoellerer, Nicole

Nicole Hoellerer

Nicole is a postdoctoral researcher at SPAIS, University of Bristol, working with Prof. Katharine Charsley and Dr Helena Wray (University of Exeter) on the ESRC-funded Research Project: 'UK-EU couples after Brexit: Migrantization and the UK family immigration regime' (2023-2026). Nicole was a Postdoctoral...
1628 United Kingdom
Ostrand, Nicole (Nik)

Nicole (Nik) Ostrand

Nik Ostrand is a postdoc at the ARENA Centre for European Studies on the Deporting Foreigners: Contested Norms in International Practice (NORMS) project. She is also a research fellow at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research and an editorial assistant for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies....
1629 Norway
Mora Quiñones, Nidia Gloria

Nidia Gloria Mora Quiñones

My experience in psychosocial intervention and research is characterized by interpersonal, organizational and environmental sensitivity, as part of actions aimed at the care, support and strengthening of individuals and groups, who form communities of life in constant change and renewal. My interests...
1630 Spain
Ahmetasevic, Nidzara

Nidzara Ahmetasevic

Journalist and independent researcher from Bosnia and Herzegovina. since 2015, present at the so-called Balkan Route, from Greece to Slovenia. Since October 2015, until May 2019, coordinator for the Are You Syrious? Info Team, a self-organized group that provided daily information about and for the people...
Spierings, Niels

Niels Spierings

Niels Spierings studies questions of inclusion, the degree to which people want, can and are 'allowed to' participate in social, economic and political spheres. His most recent projects focus on gender/sexual equality among and political inclusion of Muslim citizens in Western Europe. In addition, he...
1632 Netherlands
Gehlot, Nikita

Nikita Gehlot

Nikita Gehlot has an M.Phil. Degree (2018), and she is currently doing a PhD in Political Geography at the Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi. Her research studies narratives of border crossing by Rohingya Refugee Women living in India to reflect on how the categories of citizenship and statelessness...
1634 India
Xypolytas, Nikos

Nikos Xypolytas

Nikos Xypolytas is a sociologist focusing on migration and labour. His research interests highlight the importance of low-status work for migrant exclusion. The result of this research is the elaboration of a theoretical scheme that approaches migrant exclusion in a holistic manner by identifying different...
1635 Greece
Witte, Nils

Nils Witte

Nils Witte is Research Fellow at the Federal Institute for Population Research, Germany. He works for the German Emigration and Remigration Panel Study. His research interests include migration & labour markets, ethnic boundaries, and research methods.
1638 Germany
Amelung, Nina

Nina Amelung

Nina is sociologist and research fellow at ICS since November 2020. She obtained her PhD in Sociology from the Technical University of Berlin in February 2018 with a thesis entitled “Democracy Under Construction: The Micro-politics of Ordering Transnational Citizen Engagement”. She expanded her expertise...
1639 Portugal
Conkova, Nina

Nina Conkova

I am a social science researcher working at the nexus of human geography, demography and sociology. Main topics of interest include older migrants and their well-being, regional differences in ageing, social networks and support, and social solidarity. In the past I have looked at the case of Bulgarian...
1640 Netherlands
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