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Münch, Sybille

Sybille Münch

Prof. Dr Sybille Münch is Professor for Theory of Public Policy at the Center for the Study of Democracy at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. Her research focuses on interpretive approaches to policy analysis as well as urban and migration research.
Scharrer, Tabea

Tabea Scharrer

Tabea Scharrer is Research Partner at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Halle, Germany). She does research in Migration Studies, Urban Anthropology, and Social Anthropology. Her current projects deal with return migration of Somali forced migrants from Europe to East Africa as well as...
Todria, Tamar

Tamar Todria

PhD Candidate in European Studies. Working on the European Union Migration Policy and it's challenges in Southern European Countries. Tamar has published an article in European Scientific Journal will the following title: " Preserving Indigenous Culture or Spreading Multiculturalism Across Europe" ....
Faroqi, Tarana

Tarana Faroqi

A young professional in the space of migration and refugee rights in South Asia. Been working with UN & other NGOs for almost 4 years in the International Development sector in India as well as briefly at The Hague and Geneva. Currently based in Delhi working with a UK based INGO and running on...
Putho, Tassya

Tassya Putho

Tassya is a PhD researcher at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey. Her research looks at the intersections of retirement, migration, and tourism with a specific cultural focus on Thai-American retirees. She has undertaken qualitative research in the United States and...
Hidalgo, Teresa

Teresa Hidalgo

Historian and and lawyer. Expert in gender, migration and trafficking human for sexual explotation. PhD candidate at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. Title of the research: “The prostitution of Chinese women in Spain. Analysis of supply and demand. The case of Madrid ”. If you want to read...
Freidingerová, Tereza

Tereza Freidingerová

Tereza Freidingerová is a research fellow at the Faculty of Social Science, Charles University in Prague and an analyst of the People in Need NGO. She completed her doctorate in social geography and regional development at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. As a PhD candidate, she spent a semester...
830 Czech Republic
Shahrokh, Thea

Thea Shahrokh

Thea is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in sociology and psychology and whose work covers the intersections of development, migration and youth studies. In 2020 Thea Shahrokh joined the Department of Sociolofical Studies at the University of Sheffield as a Research Associate on the...
Khan, Themrise

Themrise Khan

Themrise N Khan is an Independent development professional with over 20 years of experience in international development, social policy (developing countries) and global migration. She has worked with several bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, and including, but not limited to; DFID UK, Global Affairs...
Sparreboom, Theo

Theo Sparreboom

Mr Theo Sparreboom took up the position of Labour Migration Specialist in the ILO’s Decent Work Team for Eastern and Southern Africa based in Pretoria in March 2019. Prior to joining the team in Pretoria, Mr Sparreboom worked for the Labour Migration Branch, the Statistics Department and the Economic...
833 Switzerland
Herrmann, Therese

Therese Herrmann

Researcher in Political Philosophy at the University of Duisburg-Essen, with an emphasis on Migration Ethics and Theories of Democracy
Huddleston, Thomas

Thomas Huddleston

Working for 15 years with Migration Policy Group & Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), Thomas (PhD, Maastricht) is a leading expert on data collection, indicators and policy evaluation on inclusion and equality. His 60+ publications investigate citizenship, political participation, inclusive education,...
Lacroix, Thomas

Thomas Lacroix

Thomas Lacroix is CNRS research fellow in geography. He works on the relationships between immigrant transnationalism and the state. His work initially focused on Indian and North African transnationalism, with a specific intrerest in their effects on development and integration. His research now focuses...
837 France
Kalunge, Thomas G.

Thomas G. Kalunge

Thomas G. Kalunge (Strategy advisor/Agile Project Management, r0g_agency) is Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Scientist and practitioner (M.Sc.) as well as a certified design thinking expert. With the User-centered approach, Thomas’s work focuses on Agile project management, Innovation Management,...
Sabchev, Tihomir

Tihomir Sabchev

Currently a PhD candidate in International Human Rights Law (Utrecht University), member of the 'Cities of Refuge' research project. Holds a BSc in Political Science (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and MSc in Social Sciences, Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies (University of Southern...
839 Netherlands
Seppälä, Tiina

Tiina Seppälä

Tiina Seppälä holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Lapland. Her PhD thesis (2010) dealt with the anti-war movement and theories of global resistance. She is interested in activism, social movements, development, forced migration, displacement, postcolonial and feminist theory,...
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