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Mahar, Usman

Usman Mahar

I am a research fellow (postdoc starting November 2023) at the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe (GCE), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. I study irregularised migration and removal as an anthropologist and work at the intersections of critical border studies and the field of “affective...
2541 Germany
Kazi, Uzma

Uzma Kazi

I am a PhD student at the Sociology Department at Lund University studying Identity and Belonging of Second-Generation Pakistanis and Muslims in Sweden. I am from Pakistan and have been living in Sweden since 2015. I am interested in Ethnic and religious identity formation in Migration Contexts from...
2543 Sweden
Mazzucato, Valentina

Valentina Mazzucato

Valentina Mazzucato is Professor of Globalisation and Development at Maastricht University. She has been awarded 5 large-scale, international and interdisciplinary research grants to conduct multi-sited research in migrants’ African countries of origin and in communities where they live in European cities....
2546 Netherlands
Ibeka, Valentine

Valentine Ibeka

My research is situated at the intersection of labour migration, the internationalisation of higher education, and development studies. In most of my works, I use the theoretical framework of Pierre Bourdieu to understand the experiences and practices of migrants (individuals and groups). My doctoral...
2547 New Zealand
Mistiaen, Valériane

Valériane Mistiaen

Valériane Mistiaen is a Post-doctoral researcher (FWO) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her project focusses on how grammatical morphology carries ideology in state-induced return discourse related to migration. This research is carried in French, Dutch, Spanish and English. She sucessfully defended...
2549 Belgium
Grotti, Vanessa

Vanessa Grotti

I am Part-time Professor at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the EUI, where I am director of the EU BORDER CARE project, funded by an ERC Starting Grant. I am co-leader (with Marc Brightman, UCL, and Naor Ben-Yehoyada, Columbia University) of a small project on unidentified migrant death...
2552 Italy
Hughes, Vanessa

Vanessa Hughes

PhD candidate in Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London, researching young undocumented migrants in London. Interested in migration, citizenship, belonging, race and racism, immigration status, connecting migration with colonial histories and collaborative and participatory methods and methodologies....
Mukhina, Varvara

Varvara Mukhina

Doctor of PhilosophyProfessor (Associate) at Sophia University, Japan My current research interests include the group-based emotions (based on the sense of belonging to a specific group) of Russian nationals who disapprove of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine. Guilt, shame, fear, anger, contempt.
2554 Japan
Galis, Vasilis

Vasilis Galis

Associate Professor in the Technologies in Practice (TIP) group at the IT University of Copenhagen. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Linköping in Sweden. His current research focuses on social movements and their use of digital media, radical politics, counter-information, internet activism,...
2555 Denmark
Tagliabue, Veera

Veera Tagliabue

I currently hold an ESRC scholarship for my PhD research at the University of Birmingham, UK. My project examines the experiences of social class of African international (SADC) students at South African universities. My research interests cover such topics as migration; regional cooperation; race, social...
2557 United Kingdom
Peshkova, Vera

Vera Peshkova

2559 Russian Federation
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